Side push cigarette box

【patent type】 utility model 【patent name】 side push type cigarette packing box
[Applicant] Huaiyin Cigarette Factory [Inventor] Zhang Ying; Gan Cui [Main Applicant Address] 223002 Daqing Road, Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province [Application Number].0
【 Application Date 】 2005.02.03
[Examination and announcement number] 2786019
【 Validation announcement date 】 2006.06.07
[Main classification number] B65D85/10(2006.01)I
[Classification] B65D85/10(2006.01)I B65D5/38(2006.01)I
【Sovereignty Items】 1. Push-type cigarette packaging box, which mainly consists of inner box (1) and outer box (2), pushes the window (3) on one side of the outer box, and the inner box is The other side of the outer box opposite to the hand-pushing window is disposed inside the outer box. The inner box (1) and the outer box (2) are locked and positioned by the positioning button (9), characterized in that the upper and lower parts of the inner box are respectively provided Take out the mouth (4) and the lower mouth (5).
[Instructions CD-ROM] D0623-2
【Abstracts】 The utility model discloses a side-pull type cigarette packing box. The cigarette box is mainly composed of an inner box (1) and an outer box (2), and a hand pushing window (3) is opened on one side of the outer box. The outer box is placed outside the outer box opposite to the hand-pushing window and is characterized in that upper and lower portions of the inner box are respectively provided with an upper mouth (4) and a lower mouth (5); The lower smoke inlet (5) is composed of a chute (6), a skateboard (7) and a positioning buckle (8), the chute (6) is opened at the lower mouth of the inner box, and the sliding board (7) is inserted into the sliding joint. In the slot, the positioning buckle (8) locates the slide plate and the bottom surface of the inner box. When in use, hold the cigarette case in one hand and use your finger to push the window from the hand to push the inner box out of the outer box. According to personal habits, take the cigarette from the upper mouth or the lower mouth and take the cigarette.
【 Agency 】 Huaian City Kexiang Patent & Trademark Office 【 Agent 】 Han Xiaobin

Source: Beijing Wanfang Data Co., Ltd.

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