Hundreds of treasures look at the wood, take you to uncover the inside story of solid wood flooring

In the peak season of decoration, buying a house to carry out decoration, inevitably to lay wooden floors, especially solid wood flooring. Because of its high grade, natural pattern, durability, comfort and environmental protection, it is becoming the first choice of more and more consumers, and sales are also rising.

However, in the solid wood flooring market, some unscrupulous manufacturers, decoration companies and floor distributors have colluded with each other in order to make profits.

Baibaobao's plate hereby summarizes two characteristics to uncover the inside story of solid wood flooring and safeguard consumer rights.

First: printing, skinning, stickers "made" fake solid wood flooring.

As we all know, the solid wood flooring processing process is extremely complicated. According to the statistics of flooring companies, from the log into the factory to the solid wood flooring products into the warehouse, the yield is only about 20%, in addition to bark, sawdust, dust, material truncation, etc., there are still 50% of the offline material can be used, Such as non-standard board and C, D grade blanks, side skin panels, thrift board, cracked board, insect board and so on.

In order to improve the comprehensive utilization rate of wood, it is worthwhile to promote other products, such as wood-plastic panels and small wood products, with the use of lower-line materials. But now, some unscrupulous manufacturers can't make the lower-line boards of solid wood flooring, and use simple techniques such as finger-jointing, horizontal-stitching and scraping putty to process the fake blank wood standard blanks and sell them at low prices to small manufacturers of fake flooring.

There are three specific practices:

The first is the printing method, which uses a small wood grain printing machine to print various wood grain on fake floor, such as pear, red oak, ash, teak, cherry, walnut, etc.

The second is the skinning method. On the surface of the counterfeit floor, a wooden veneer of 0.2 to 0.3 mm is attached;

The third is the sticker method. The same type of wood grain paper is attached to the front and back of the fake floor.

Second: use the blind spots of consumers to "create" fake materials.

It should be said that there are thousands of woods that can be made on the floor, and the wood properties, origin, and price of various woods vary widely. Take the price as an example, there are several hundred yuan a cubic meter, and there are tens of thousands of yuan a cubic meter, and some even higher. Wood identification is a difficult science. Because of the lack of professional knowledge, consumers are more difficult to distinguish between authenticity and can only be manipulated by the seller.

Therefore, consumers should keep their eyes open when shopping. Regarding the name of wood species, China has issued special standards to determine the legality of 128 kinds of wood species; there are many kinds of wood flooring sold in the market, and many species are not among the 128 kinds of wood, which are typical fake materials. Kind.

Finally, Baibaobao reminds you that in the relatively chaotic construction materials market, consumers should be vigilant. Before buying the floor, you can also choose to go to the professional and authoritative building materials website to avoid being deceived.

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