Effective weight loss before and after running

The following two sets of weight loss exercises, whether it is warming up before running or relaxing after running, can be flexibly exercised to promote metabolism, improve running efficiency, and relieve fatigue.


Step 1 stretching legs



Stand with your feet together, take a step back with your left foot, then pour out your upper body, bend your right knee slightly, make your thighs and your calves at a 90- degree angle, straighten your left leg, tighten your hips and abdominal muscles, and stack your hands. Place it on the right thigh and gently press the leg for 15-30 seconds.


Step 2 active joints



Take a big step forward and bend your knees. The angle between the thigh and the calf is less than 90 degrees. Fully open the joints before and after. Stretch the muscles of the legs before and after stretching. Keep the upper body straight and tighten the hips and abdomen. Muscle, open thoracic, face forward, arms bent to the right knee, hips down the leg for 15-30 seconds, swap and redo several times.


The best time to run in the morning and evening



Morning and evening are the best time to run. In the morning, the air is fresh, and the running activity is all over the body. While breathing, it is warm and sunny. At this time, the ultraviolet rays are not too strong. It can help you improve your metabolism from the early morning and let the body enter the fat burning state early. In the evening, running before dinner is not bad. The temperature is not so high. It is also very easy to start running. It is also helpful for controlling appetite.


1. Drink 1 cup of water before running


Before starting to run for 30-1 hours, you can eat something a little, for example, eating a banana, you can add some physical strength, but be careful not to eat too much, and try to give time to digest food, then drink 1 cup of water before running. On the way to running. Replenish moisture every 15 minutes to avoid water shortage.


2. Run tired and stop to walk


Many people feel that running is very tired, so they are not willing to do this kind of exercise. In fact, as long as you master the skills, running is also a very easy thing. If you are new to running weight loss, it is not recommended to run too long or too strong at first. Run 2 times a week, each run for 10-15 minutes, you can join the walk on the way, the two movements interspersed with each other, and maintain a smooth breathing, the fat can continue to burn. When you have mastered the skills of running, you can increase the intensity, for example, running 3 times a week, each time running for more than 20 minutes, the layers are advanced, the effect will become more and more obvious !

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