Small fresh meat wardrobe becomes "type"

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] [Chinese wardrobe network ] small fresh meat stars have both a charming and charming side, but also installed a high-end atmosphere, loved by fans. Today, China Wardrobe Network selects 4 small fresh meat wardrobe designs, simple and exquisite appearance, smooth lines, warm and pure color, interpretation of the 2015 summer home fashion, so that your face is also properly.

Small fresh meat No. 1: Korean sweet wardrobe design

Features: Yan Hao is willful

Recommended crowd: white-collar student family

Bedroom wardrobe design

Bedroom closet design (appreciate more wardrobe pictures )

Reasons for selection: The fresh and elegant ivory white tone exudes the unique sweetness of Korean style. The exquisite wardrobe handle and unique six-door design make this wardrobe unique, sweet and atmospheric, calm and casual. The wardrobe-in-wall careful machine design does not take up too much space and is well decorated with the bedroom, making it the most beautiful landscape.

Small fresh meat No. 2: American classical wardrobe design

Features: high-end atmosphere

Recommended crowd: social elite middle-aged

Small fresh meat wardrobe renderings

Bedroom closet design (appreciate more wardrobe pictures )

Reasons for selection: The wardrobe style is generous and extravagant, the tone is exquisite and noble, adding an elegant American retro atmosphere to the bedroom. The texture of the wardrobe door is clear, the embossed pattern is exquisite and unobtrusive, away from the cumbersome design and vulgar color, it brings an elegant and quiet beauty, which makes the bedroom full of charm.

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Light Therapy Lamp

How Does the "Light Therapy Lamp" WORK. In autumn and winter, the seasons with the least sunlight because of shorter days, the lack of sunlight and a problem with certain brain chemicals stops the hypothalamus working properly. The lack of light is thought to affect the production of the hormo-ne melatonin (that makes you sleepy)."Light Therapy Lamp" uses bright lights to simulate the sunlight during the darker autumn and winter, whilst eliminating the dangerous UV rays contained in sunlight. The additional light helps adjust the levels of melatonin that can help the symptoms .

Why you need SAD Lamp?

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
Many people eat and sleep slightly more in winter and dislike the dark mornings and short days. This is known as 'winter blues'.Others have more severe symptoms which such as sleep problems, withdrawal, overeating, depression, anxiety and lethargy. These often lead to difficulties at home, work and in relationships. This is a recognised problem known as Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD).
SAD is caused by the lack of bright light in winter. Light entering our eyes stimulates our brain to control our daily rhythms through hormone production. In some people, the low levels of light in winter are insufficient to regulate the hormones that affect our waking up and sleeping, our feeling energised or depressed.

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