[Wardrobe price] How is the overall wardrobe area calculated?

[ Zhonghua Wardrobe ] Customized wardrobe materials are complicated and complicated, and the price difference is more than several thousand yuan. So, how much does it cost to order a complete wardrobe ? In what ways does the price of the wardrobe be measured and calculated?

Method / step

Customized Wardrobe projection area algorithm

Regardless of how the interior layout of the wardrobe is set, how many partitions, the area of ​​the wall of the wardrobe projection multiplied by the unit price is the total price of the board. The earliest wardrobe manufacturers and current decoration companies generally charge in this way, but most of them must stipulate that the depth of the wardrobe should not exceed a certain size. If the partition is too much or the depth exceeds, it is necessary to add money, and the standard is not very uniform.

Overall wardrobe

Customized wardrobe deployment area algorithm

This kind of calculation is the most common calculation method at present, that is, multiplying the total area of ​​all the plates of the wardrobe by the unit price is the total price of the plate. The advantage of this way is how much the plate costs, which is more transparent, and can determine how much the interior of the wardrobe is separated according to family habits. According to the expansion area calculation, pay attention to whether the backboard is charged and how to charge.

Wardrobe price


Generally, the unit price of the projected area is higher than the expanded area. If the projected partition area of ​​the closet partition is more cost-effective, the opposite area should be selected. City group purchase network bargaining teachers generally require businesses to help users calculate two algorithms, and finally settled according to cheap.

In addition to the cost of the board, the accessories in the overall wardrobe usually include: drawers, lattice racks, clothes, pants, push-pull mirrors, rails, hinges. These attachments may be part of the extra money, and also an important profit point for the merchant. When calculating the price of the wardrobe, you must confirm the amount.

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