Picking furniture does not have to be held in the hands of five rules

【Abstract】Furniture is a part of soft decoration. From the visual effect, if the selected furniture is not suitable, it will greatly reduce the original hard decoration results. If the function is not applicable, it will bring various inconveniences in use, and the material and process are not environmentally friendly, which is more harmful. Now, Yadis teaches you how to choose the best furniture for your seat. Ruilong Yijia sofa http://rlyj.cnjiaju.com/share

1. Associated with space Before purchasing furniture, you should know the size, color and style of the space. When you purchase the furniture, you can accurately find the type of furniture you need, and you won't blindly stroll.
2, associated with the existing soft furnishings in consideration of hard decoration, if there are some soft decorations in the home, such as curtains, carpets, etc., also consider their color, style, especially when choosing some textile fabrics for furniture More need to compare each other's coordination.
3. Where is the furniture associated with the location, and there are no special circumstances around it, such as strong sunlit windows, heating or fireplace, wet environment, terrace or garden, etc. These special locations will be furniture There are corresponding requirements for the materials, so it is necessary to record these problems in advance and be able to target the furniture.
4. It has 6 functions related to ergonomics and storage: sitting, leaning, lying, storing, supporting, hanging, summed up is two points, for our body intimate service and storage items, so we must fully consider the furniture design The rationality, the science, the different age groups and physical conditions have different requirements for some details, so we must consider them one by one. In addition, in addition to aesthetics and comfort, provide enough storage space.
5. The environmental protection of furniture related to environmental protection is a big problem. The furniture with problems will continue to release harmful substances, so this is the most important when selecting furniture. Only when the environmental protection requirements are met can we continue to consider other factors.

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