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【Abstract】In recent years, the trading of mahogany furniture market is active every day, and all kinds of Ming and Qing style classical furniture are welcomed by consumers. The thickness of the Qing style furniture is in stark contrast to the simplicity and lightness of Ming style furniture. Classicalists have the distinctions of "Beijing style", "Su style" and "wide style". The Beijing-style and Soviet-style styles retain the traditional form of Chinese classical furniture. The Cantonese-style furniture is influenced by Western culture and forms a unique style. Yimeiju Furniture http://

Black rosewood (commonly known as big leaf rosewood)
Distributed in the tropics and subtropics, there are black Dalbergia, broadleaf Dalbergia, L. black Dalbergia, East African black Dalbergia, Maxi Dalbergia, Amazonian Dalbergia and Belize Dalbergia. The heartwood is mainly black chestnut brown, often With black stripes; lustrous wood, new cuts are sour or weak, some are oily (commonly known as old mahogany); texture is staggered or straight, wood is hard, wood is resistant to corrosion, resistant to termites and mites, and its color It is beautiful and sharp, and is made of mahogany furniture. It is also suitable for making decorative crafts, joinery, high-grade joinery and musical instruments.
Xiangzhimu is produced in Hainan, China, and belongs to the genus Dalbergia. It is called Hainan Dalbergia by local people. In 1984, the plant taxonomician of the South China Institute of Tropical Plants was newly named as Dalbergia sinensis. In Hainan, it was divided into two categories: avocado and sugar pear according to the size and color of mature tree heartwood. The classical scholars of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, some timber dealers and rosewood lovers called this species Huanghua Pear. The wood has a strong aroma, and for a long time it is slightly fragrant and resistant to corrosion. In addition to the furniture, it is also suitable for making pipe music and xylophone. In addition, the wood can be leached with spices, and the Buddha incense is also exported to Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, it is excessively felled, and only the young trees can be seen at the moment.
Striped ebony (commonly known as ebony)
The wood structure is very fine, the wood heartwood is black or chestnut brown, shiny; the texture is straight or oblique, and the wood is wear-resistant. The shrinkage is unstable, so the manufacturer must be in place during the drying process to prevent cracking. After finishing, it is bright, good in adhesiveness and stable in dry material. It has been determined as a noble mahogany furniture material by long-term inspection, but the raw material of wood is scarce and the cost of raw materials is increasing. The species are Sulawesi ebony, Philippine ebony and Taiwan ebony, which are produced in southern South Asia, tropical West Africa and the Philippines in Southeast Asia.
Red sandalwood This furniture is a rosewood Ming-style circle chair, all of which are made of rosewood, commonly known as lobular rosewood, also known as scented rosewood, which is the well-deserved mahogany king. Rosewood is currently the rarest and most precious species in the world. It is not a millennium, and the ecological characteristics of the Ten Tan and Nine are rare. In addition to wood is superior to any other kind of wood, it also has a unique sandalwood flavor and obvious health benefits, and it will make people feel refreshed. The furniture made of red sandalwood is light and jade-like. The color is deep and steady, and the style is quaint and quiet. There was a sky-high price of the golden sandal throne in the Mid-Autumn Festival in Christie's in the United States, and its honor is evident.

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