Medicine packaging guards the "gate of safety"

As a special consumer product closely related to the health of consumers, every safety accident of drugs affects the sensitive nerves of consumers. However, drug safety accidents have occurred frequently in recent years, making drug safety issues a lingering pain for consumers. . In order to ensure the safety of medicines, as a medicine packaging directly or indirectly in contact with medicines, it has been constantly strengthening its own quality and safety, and swearing to guard the "safety door" of the quality of medicines.
On the one hand, the safety of pharmaceutical packaging is guaranteed from the design source. First, improve the structural design. In recent years, the safety and humanization requirements for the packaging design of infants and children's medicines have attracted people's attention. Many colleges and brand owners have invested a lot of energy to improve the packaging design and enhance the packaging of pharmaceutical products. Safety, such as anti-child opening caps, blister, or improve the safety and convenience of feeding, such as dropper capsule disposable drug packaging. Second, strengthen the anti-counterfeiting design. In order to prevent the illegal packaging of pharmaceutical packaging and ensure that the internal medicine is genuine, domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies have never stopped the anti-counterfeiting design of pharmaceutical packaging. For example, Schreiner of Germany launched a model called “Flexi-Cap” at Interpack2014. "Pharmaceutical packaging, through the innovative combination of labels and kits, to protect the initial opening of pharmaceutical packaging. Third, put in smart design. GPS and RFID tags are built into the drug packaging to trace the drug throughout the process to ensure the quality and safety of the drug.
On the other hand, the quality and safety of pharmaceutical packaging are strictly controlled from the production chain. Since the implementation of the drug monitoring code by the State Food and Drug Administration in 2011, the pharmaceutical packaging that entered the medical insurance catalog must be printed with the drug monitoring code, which poses a new challenge to the already strict drug packaging printing process. Printing companies must do a good job in drug monitoring code data management and design planning to ensure that the drug monitoring code is printed without error numbers, mixed numbers, and can be read normally. At the same time, more and more pharmaceutical companies are beginning to use high-speed automatic packaging machines to package medicines, which puts higher and higher requirements on the molding process of pharmaceutical packaging. Therefore, pharmaceutical packaging companies should pay more attention to pharmaceutical packaging molding. Two key processes – die cutting and paste box control – are further adapted to the requirements of automatic packaging machines.
As a supplier of pharmaceutical companies, drug package printing enterprises should keep up with the market development trend, pay close attention to relevant national policies, and always want to be in front of pharmaceutical companies, while at the same time do a continuous improvement of process technology, so as to seize in the increasingly competitive market. First opportunity, get the top spot!

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