Western Digital Original Mobile Hard Drive Open Data Recovery Darth Technology

Media information:

Western Digital's original mobile hard drive, 1TB, model WD10EALS, as shown below:

西部数据原装移动硬盘开盘数据恢复 达思科技

Fault description:

Recently, an old customer rushed to send a Western Digital original hard drive for data recovery. According to the customer's description, the hard disk is forcibly powered off and the hard disk cannot be recognized.


The data recovery engineer connects the hard disk to the professional data recovery detection device for detection, hears the hard disk banging, and stops after a few clicks. Engineers with years of hard drive data recovery experience can basically determine that the fault is head damage.

Data recovery process:

After communicating with the customer about the cause of the failure and the data recovery plan and the price, the customer agreed to resume. After that, the engineer transferred the spare part disk of the same model from the spare parts library and replaced the magnetic head in the ultra-clean room of the 100-level opening. Then the hard disk is hung on the UDMA, and the hard disk starts to have a seek sound. At this time, the parameters of the hard disk are recognized normally. After a few hours, the image of the original data was successfully completed. As shown below:

西部数据原装移动硬盘开盘数据恢复 达思科技

After the mirroring is completed, the mirror disk is hung on the Das data recovery dedicated machine and the sector of the hard disk is encrypted. Because WD's original mobile hard disk is mostly encrypted by the encryption chip on the box. Must be decrypted to continue data recovery. The data recovery engineer successfully decrypted the decryption box for this model and smoothly extracted all the data.

Data recovery results: 100% full recovery

Advice to customers:

The mobile hard disk should be handled with care, do not pop out the hard disk and dial out directly to develop a good habit of using the mobile hard disk to prevent accidental power failure and misoperation. Once there is a problem, don't do it yourself, do data recovery and find a professional data recovery company to do it.

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