What are the methods of disinfection

Disinfection cabinet is a first-class electrical product invented by China. It is now widely used in various workplaces and Chinese households. Good disinfection equipment can protect the health of people ’s diet and save many manual disinfection steps. It is a family A good choice in decoration.

Disinfection cabinets will have different sterilization methods according to different sterilization principles. Among them, steam, electric heating, ozone and ultraviolet are the most common methods. According to the effect of sterilization, they can be divided into one star and two stars. It is horizontal and vertical, and there is also the difference between single door and double door. The form is diverse and convenient to choose.

High temperature disinfection

As the name suggests, this type of disinfection cabinet mainly uses the principle of infrared sterilization, which uses high temperatures above 120 ° C to kill bacteria, thereby sterilizing the tableware.

The high-temperature sterilization method is also the most widely accepted sterilization method by ordinary Chinese households. Its high-heat energy sterilization process can fully meet the needs of consumers, but at the same time, the energy consumption of high-temperature sterilization is relatively large. It is said that there is a hidden danger of high temperature scalding. In addition, it is best to sterilize ceramic and metal products in high temperature disinfection cabinets to avoid wooden products, because too high temperatures may easily bend wooden chopsticks.

In addition, when purchasing a high-temperature disinfection cabinet, it is also necessary to ensure the health of the daily use of tableware at home. Unqualified ceramic products may undergo some chemical reactions when exposed to high temperatures, resulting in the precipitation of harmful ingredients and affecting the health of family members.

Ozone disinfection

Ozone disinfection is mainly a chemical disinfection method. Disinfection cabinets destroy the living environment of bacteria through the release of ozone, so as to achieve the purpose and effect of sterilization.

Ozone sterilization belongs to ultra-low temperature disinfection in the use of disinfection cabinets. It is suitable for all kinds of tableware, especially tableware like wood and glass products that are not resistant to high temperature, so the general disinfection range is not strictly limited, which is a good low temperature disinfection. s Choice.

But it is worth noting that ozone has advantages and disadvantages for the human body. Low concentrations of ozone can stimulate people's nervous system and help people to lift their mental work and life, while too high concentrations of ozone will affect their health, so they are using ozone When sterilizing the sterilizing cabinet, the tableware cannot be taken out immediately after the sterilization, but should be used after a period of time.

Physical disinfection

Physical disinfection cabinets are mainly a type of products that use light waves for disinfection. Light wave sterilization is mainly divided into ultraviolet light sterilization and pasteurization technology, which controls the amount of ultraviolet radiation through computer programs and uses light to remove pathogenic bacteria.

The physical sterilization method is rarely used alone in the disinfection cabinet, but its pure physical method can also effectively avoid the overflow of harmful substances in the tableware. At the same time, the low-temperature sterilization method also avoids the damage to the tableware and can be used at any time, which is convenient Fast.

Physical disinfection is more convenient than chemical disinfection because there is no odor, and its energy consumption is small. However, in the three disinfection methods, the disinfection ability of ultraviolet rays is also weak, so many disinfection cabinet products are now Low temperature combination of ozone and ultraviolet.

Disinfection cabinets, together with kitchenware and cooker hoods, have become an indispensable product in the kitchen of the family. The widespread use of disinfection cabinets is also another manifestation of people's attention to dietary health. Choosing a good combination of disinfection cabinets is also a family health care. Another guarantee of health.

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