Thermal printer use precautions

The printer is the main consumable part of the POS cash register. The life of the printer is closely related to the environment and operation method of the printer. Therefore, OCOM always believes that using the printer correctly and paying attention to daily maintenance will greatly help to extend its life.

1. Before using the printer, please do not connect the printer to the power supply first. Check the printer first, then plug all the cables into the power supply.

2. The original power supply and cable must be used, otherwise the printer may be permanently damaged.

3, must use the required paper roll, (such as paper thickness, width, etc.), please clean the printer regularly, pay attention to whether there is dirt on the movement of the thermal film, if you have a clean cotton cloth with alcohol, gently wipe, so as not to affect the printing .

4. When replacing the printer interface card, you must confirm that the printer power adapter is disconnected from the printer.

5. Do not use the printer in a damp or dusty environment, otherwise the printer motherboard will oxidize to reduce the service life.

6. Try not to drop foreign objects into the printer to avoid the printer not working properly and reduce unnecessary losses.

7. In the event of odor or strange noise, please turn off the power of the printer immediately, otherwise it may cause fire or other unexpected losses.

8. No other items are allowed on the printer. When the printer is not in use for a long time, unplug the power cord from the power outlet.

9. Please do not disassemble, move or drag at will. If there is any fault, please contact the service technician.

10. Do not take power with the same socket of high-power electrical equipment, so as to avoid voltage instability and burn out the control panel or interface card.




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