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Above the earth, time synchronization

G-SHOCK GPW-1000 watch

September 11, 2014 Shanghai, China – G-SHOCK, the watch brand of Casio, publishes the world's first GPS+ radio receiver GPW-1000. G-SHOCK is a timepiece that combines tough quality, advanced technology, and versatility. It is also known for its excellent shockproof performance. Since its inception in 1983, G-SHOCK has continued to carry out technological innovations in accordance with the spirit of TOUGHNESS. In 2000, the first G-SHOCK GW-100 equipped with a radio reception function created the era of radio wave watch. In 2014, the world’s first G-SHOCK GPW-1000 watch equipped with a GPS+ six-channel radio receiver was born. It is a design concept of “absolute accuracy, absolute strength” and can be used normally in any location or any extreme environment. The tough watch helps you to grasp the most reliable and accurate time, once again lead the trend of watch technology, open a new chapter for timekeeping innovation.

High-level guest famous rider Ma Qingyu, national famous football coach Xie Hui and CASIO high-level photo
Casio China Grand Chamber Chairman's announcement
Tanaka Minister of Watch Strategy at Casio Japan Headquarters explained G-SHOCK promotion strategy

The World's First GPS+ Radio Receiver Synchronizes the World

The G-SHOCK GPW-1000 watch released this time is based on SKY COCKPIT. It has two advantages: absolute accuracy and absolute strength. It is equipped with the world's first GPS+ six-station reception system (GPS Hybrid System). ) Add cutting-edge technology that is highly practical to the earthquake-resistant structure, integrate the GPS module and radio wave receiving function in the case of G-SHOCK's unique tough structure, and break the current timekeeping of traditional watches in the chronograph field. limitation. When located in a densely-constructed room, the GPW-1000 with high-sensitivity radio reception can receive time-of-use signals from six electric transmission towers around the world to adjust time with low power consumption. In the area covered by non-electrical waves, the GPW-1000 can accurately time the position and time data transmitted by the GPS global positioning system, enabling it to grasp precise time anytime, anywhere, anywhere in the world.

GPW-1000 watch GPS+wave reception taking into account energy saving and accuracy to achieve global time synchronization

Combining strength and precision with high quality toughness

The GPW-1000 watch released this time is the interpretation of G-SHOCK's consistent pursuit of the "absolute strength" of the TOUGHNESS spirit. The powerful 3G protection function and appearance design ensure that the wearer can master the most accurate time while being able to adapt to the test of various extreme environments and let the world synchronize with you! The body uses a sapphire glass mirror, a diamond-cut bezel, and a three-dimensional metal time scale. It is exquisitely crafted with both a sense of fortitude and a sense of luxury. All the details present the essence of the watch. The multi-faceted forged metal case, rugged metal crown design, and carbon fiber strap exhibited G-SHOCK's strong qualities while greatly increasing operability and durability.

G-SHOCK Brand Manager Chai Chunyu presents the GPW-1000 watch on the spot with a highly technical holographic projection
Strong material and design GPW-1000 with 3G protection structure to achieve "absolute strength"

The one-button GPW-1000 watch is equipped with the world's first GPS+ six-segment system (GPS Hybrid System). Under the "absolute accuracy" design concept, the world's smallest motor is built, and the space is equipped with a GPS antenna. IC. The built-in GPS antenna uses a circular polarized wave antenna with a small difference in sensitivity to prevent the impact of external forces, and it also has the property of not affecting the sensitivity of GPS satellite signal reception. The shading dispersion type solar cell with excellent power generation efficiency, together with a high transmittance material with a carbon fiber texture, ensures both the texture and the sensitivity and charge efficiency of the received signal.

G-SHOCK GPW-1000 watch fine details of the design with a sense of toughness and sense of quality

Ma Qingxi and Xie Hui visit the publishing site to share the strong heart

At the event, the first Chinese driver to enter Formula 1 is the famous WTCC World Touring Car champion Ma Qingqi and the now famous football coach of China. He is honored as the Xie Hui of the Chinese sports industry. He shared the G-SHOCK GPW-1000 watch with the guests on the spot. Accuracy and convenience.
The famous WTCC World Touring Car champion Ma Qingyun and the famous football coach of the country and Mr. Xie Hui of the sports industry attended the conference.

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