Checking the habit of making facial skin worse

In daily life, there are a lot of habits that make facial skin worse . For example, I often touch my face, I am used to handcuffing, and I have long been staring at the screen of my mobile phone. In addition to using skin care products, I have mastered skin care tips . We also need to change these habits!

Checking the habit of making facial skin worse

Always touch your face and be disfigured

According to the survey, people will subconsciously touch their noses when they are nervous. If they are tired, they will hold their chins with their hands. According to the National Institutes of Health data, people will touch their faces four times an hour. The University of Arizona research says that the number of bacteria exceeds 100 times per 6.5 square centimeter on the table. After touching the face, it is very easy to spread the bacteria to the skin, increasing the risk of skin diseases and infectious diseases.

Strictly speaking, it is not the act of touching the face that causes disfigurement. Instead, the hands of the bacteria are used to touch the face. Otherwise, those SPA massage beauticians are not going to lose their jobs! Among the things we touch every day, except Outside the table, mobile phones, computer keyboards, remote controls, coins, keys, etc. are the most easily collected bacteria. Touching these items and touching your face frequently will inevitably increase the risk of skin infection. Although the expression of disfiguring face is somewhat exaggerated, However, it is important to maintain the health of your skin by keeping your hands and face clean and reducing the bacteria staying on the skin.

Wrinkle with hand

Many people have a small habit of holding a donkey. When you are in a meeting, when you read a book, when your head is a little dizzy... This action is too common. When the squat is held, the squeezing of the palm of the palm causes the skin on the face to wrinkle, which is prone to wrinkles in the long run. The most frightening thing is that once this action causes wrinkles, it can be permanent. It is different from the fine lines and fine lines caused by dry skin. It is difficult to eliminate the expensive skin care products.

According to expert analysis, one of the causes of wrinkles is human body mechanics. Wrinkles are prone to wrinkles in areas with more expressive muscle activity. For example, people with frequent brows are prone to wrinkles, and those with total frowning tend to have Sichuan-shaped wrinkles. The sputum will cause wrinkles on the skin of the face and the skin of the corners of the eyes. After the long-term, force is applied to the same part, the wrinkles will leave marks, and the formation of static wrinkles, especially the wrinkles of the corners of the eyes, is very difficult to recover. Relatively speaking, older people are less elastic and more susceptible to skin than younger people.

Exaggerated expression leads to expression lines

In life, some habitual movements may make you form expression lines. For example, when thinking, frowning, easy to form eyebrow lines; squinting at things, easy to form the inner and outer corners of the eye fine lines; often open laughter, easy to form crow's feet; love to lift the eyelids, easy to form a headline; often sad or pouting, easy to form The pattern of the law on both sides of the nose; the use of straws, often pouting, smoking, easy to form lip wrinkles.

Excessive use of the muscles and skin of the face is likely to cause wrinkles, but if you choose to do facial masks to avoid wrinkles, it seems that it is not a long-term solution. It is recommended to add facial massage to the facial maintenance. The face is easily massaged in a circular motion, so that the skin can relax and stimulate the blood circulation, thus preventing and diminishing expression lines.

Leave bangs to trigger forehead acne

The forehead is a face that is easy to get oily and a bangs that tends to accumulate dirt. It is easy to become a hotbed for acne and acne growth. Many women like to leave thick bangs to cover their foreheads, which makes it easier to ventilate and breathe the surface of the forehead, and the sturdy hair ends of the bangs are prone to skin irritation. The sultry and humid environment caused by the bangs cover is the perfect place to grow acne-producing bacteria. At the same time, Liu Hai's uninterrupted stimulation of the skin causes the stratum corneum of the skin to harden for self-protection purposes, causing unnecessary pore blockage. In addition, the dirt adhering to the hair itself and the chemical residue of the hair care products can not be ignored.

In order to prevent the bangs from causing bad stimulation to the skin, it is best to leave the bangs. However, for those who do not leave the Liuhai will die, you can also thin the bangs, or use the card issuing to fix the bangs everywhere, to minimize the adverse effects caused by the bangs. In addition, it is also important to keep your hair clean. If you can't wash your hair every day, you can choose to wash your bangs every day.

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