Analysis of common error causes of hydraulic universal testing machine

The hydraulic universal testing machine is a domestic advanced mechanical testing instrument, which is widely used in various materials such as hardware, metal, rubber and plastic, footwear, leather, clothing, textile, insulator, wire and cable, terminal, etc. Automatically obtain the conventional data such as elastic modulus, yield strength, tensile strength, breaking strength, specimen elongation, and section shrinkage. But the error cannot be avoided. The following are the common errors in the test results of the hydraulic universal testing machine summarized by Kunshan Haida Instrument based on experience:

1. Error of hydraulic system: the error of insisting on a certain value or a certain regular change. The systematic error is regular, and this regularity is manifested in every detailed experiment. If this regularity is found, it can be corrected.

Cause Analysis:

1) The indication value of the universal testing machine is not accurate, and the measured force value is always too large or too small.

2) When the resistance strain gauge measures the strain, the error of the coefficient on the instrument panel.

2. Poor error: Due to the error in the experiment, ignore the error caused by carelessness and other reasons. This kind of error is irregular, and it can be prevented by repeatedly checking the other party.

Cause Analysis:

The operation of the universal testing machine is wrong, the experimenter read the wrong number, and the wrong decimal point is written in the record.

3. Random error: That is, under the same conditions, the same parameter is repeatedly stopped and measured repeatedly, and the obtained measured value may not be completely the same.

Cause Analysis:

1) During the experiment, the change of friction in the testing machine

2) Changes in environmental humidity, etc.

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