Matters needing attention when carrying the constant temperature and humidity test chamber

The constant temperature and humidity test chamber is equipped with universal casters. If the equipment is only moving on the flat ground, just open the caster lock and push it manually. If the test chamber is placed upstairs or needs to be manually moved to other places It is important to consider whether there is an elevator and the width, height and depth of the elevator and whether the aisles, corridors, and doors that need to pass through to enter the test room can pass smoothly. If there is no elevator that requires manual handling, special care should be taken.

If the temperature and humidity test chamber must be manually moved upstairs due to site problems, the following points need special attention:

1. The standard model of the test box is divided into five types: 100, 225, 500, 800, and 010. What needs to be stated here is that when the size of the test box exceeds 500 liters, we do not recommend the use of handling, because the weight and volume are too large. It will cause damage to personnel and machinery and major safety hazards. At this time, you can use a crane, replace the placement site and change the size of the equipment.

2. If the constant temperature and humidity test chamber is within the range of transportation, the manufacturer recommends to find a professional moving company and a manufacturer's technician to guide on the spot, prepare the complete tools, and have enough space at the entrance of the corridor and the average strength of the transportation staff. Move correctly under the guidance of a technician.

3. Since the test chamber is cooled by a compressor, it must not be tilted during the transportation process (such as the tilt angle cannot exceed 15 degrees in special cases) to avoid freon leakage and the inability to cool.

4. Avoid bumping, bumping and scraping during handling, so as not to affect the appearance of the machine.

5. The hinge of the door needs to be taken care of to avoid the door sag or unstable center of gravity caused by loosening.

6. The water level cup should be wrapped in cotton cloth or foam to avoid breaking.

Note: Manual handling is a measure with significant safety hazards, and it is not recommended to adopt it in special circumstances.

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