"Separate" second child released the children's furniture market

According to the survey data of relevant institutions, the release of “two children alone” is expected to add 8 million new births within five years. For many families, changing the room is limited by the economic foundation in order to increase a children's room, and it is a very economical choice to make small modifications on the basis of the existing children's room to meet one more baby. As a result, the market for children's furniture for multi-persons has increased in recent heat.

Many people are favored with children's furniture

Parents are increasingly willing to spend a lot of money on products that contribute to the healthy growth of children. With the economic effects of the latest birth policy, industry insiders analyze that the market share of children's products in the furniture industry will increase. With the promotion of the New Deal, and the international home furnishing brands have entered the children's furniture industry in China, the competition of children's furniture in channels and brands will also intensify.

The “two children alone” policy will allow more and more families to have two children, and children’s rooms and children’s products suitable for many children will gradually increase. "If you have a plan to add a baby, you should consider the problem of the children's room. Now our family is a three-bedroom house. Outside the main bedroom, parents and sons each have one. If there is one more little guy, it is of course ideal for changing four rooms. However, it is not realistic from the economic point of view. After all, having more than one birth means more household expenditures. To save more money for the children’s growth education, there is really no ability to change rooms in the short term,” Ms. Wu said. The family plan is to change the existing children's room to a new baby. "Change the children's bed into a double-layer, the brother can sleep on the upper floor, and then change the wardrobe to a slightly larger one, single. The small sofa is replaced by a double and the desk can be shared."

It is understood that families with "single two children" plan, in addition to the economic foundation can support the replacement of housing, most of them hope to complete the expectation of accommodating new babies through the transformation of children's rooms, many children's furniture market will have many The potential can be dug.

Children's furniture companies are ready to go

At present, how is the market for children's furniture for many people? It is understood that many people use children's furniture mainly for twin families, and a small number of families with many children, the consumer groups are not too big. Recently, some children's furniture sellers said that they will fully consider the possible effects of the New Deal and adjust their sales strategies in a timely manner. Some children's furniture manufacturers also said that different needs of consumers put forward higher requirements for product design, and different customer groups have different products to deal with.

It is understood that whether it is domestically produced children's furniture mainly exported to Europe and the United States, or imported foreign brands, they all have the early experience of designing multi-person children's furniture, rather than starting from scratch. "Because of export-oriented, there are no birth restrictions in foreign sales, so our products have been designed for two or three children. There is no shortage of children's furniture products suitable for two or three children." The person in charge of the company said that the introduction of such multi-person children's furniture products into domestic sales is a matter of course. Despite the innate advantages of the design concept, industry insiders said that the design from Europe can be used as a reference, but it must be oriented according to the family housing pattern and different consumer demand in China, and on this basis, the size adjustment and design innovation .

In addition to multi-purpose children's furniture, multi-functional children's furniture is also receiving attention. Children's beds with storage space, desks combined with bookshelves, etc. are all good helpers for children's rooms to save space. For many families who plan to “add in”, they “squeeze out” more in the limited children's room. Space is also a priority.

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