What are the main accessories of the overall wardrobe?

The tailor-made overall wardrobe has achieved a variety of styles and practicality, and has been favored by more and more consumers. What are the main accessories of the overall wardrobe?

1, pulley

The pulley of the closet is divided into the upper wheel and the lower wheel. The upper wheel is the guard wheel, which is used to make the door slide smoothly when pushed in parallel. The lower wheel is divided into hidden wheels, which are made of pure nylon to carry the weight. The semi-circular progressive rolling is the center of gravity through the wheels, so the horizontal line is pushed and pulled. The bearing capacity can reach 200 kg, the wear resistance is high, and the push-pull life can reach more than 300,000 times.

2, frame material

At present, the frame materials of all wardrobe furniture brands on the market mainly include aluminum alloy, aluminum titanium alloy, magnesium titanium alloy and high quality color steel. In general, magnesium titanium alloy and aluminum titanium alloy have high strength, durability and strong quality. The door is up to 2, 8 meters without deformation and the sliding is stable. The carbon steel frame is light in weight and the appearance is treated by spray coating. It takes a long time to remove paint or oxidize and rust.

3, pull plate

The traditional chest of drawers is made of wood, and the latest chest of drawers is glass-faced for easier access to clothing. But if the customer is lazy, don't try the glass pull plate, which undoubtedly exposes its shortcomings.

Stacked woolen clothing codes can be very troublesome to find together. If you use a draw-tab, you can make the stacked clothes well, but it also has the disadvantage of less storage space, so customers should choose carefully.

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4, rotating clothes hanging

It realizes the heavy-duty storage of a large amount of clothes, the hanging clothes are three times that of the traditional wardrobe, and each piece is kept flat and not wrinkled, the whole cabinet can be rotated by hand, even if it is hung in the innermost clothes, it can be instantly presented. before.

5, tie box

Every successful man will have multiple ties, and these ties will be lined up in a non-tie box. This tie box takes up less space than a drawer, so you can arrange the position of the tie box at will by seeing the pins. Your socks, shorts, scarves and other small items have a home.

6, trousers rack

Stacked trousers will have creases, while trousers racks will leave creases free of creases and require no less than 600mm of hanging space, so trousers are usually placed under the drawers, which saves space.

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