How do domestic companies jump out of the vicious test box price war (previous section)


Although there has been some development in the test box industry, the industry is currently poor in self-discipline. The blind "test box price war" has caused the test box to fall into a vicious competition vortex, which has caused many problems.
Although China has formed a group of influential domestic brands, there are also related instrumentation industry associations and institutions. However, due to the rapid development of the industry, industry standards have failed to keep up or are vacant. On the other hand, some companies have ignored the supervision power of industry organizations to seek immediate benefits, and they have exaggerated their product functions, maliciously attacked opponent brands, misled industry users, and caused bad influences.
Although there is a lot of room for development in the test chamber industry, many companies do not seek their own breakthroughs and carry out low-cost sales strategies in order to seize market share. This way of simply seizing the market at a low price will inevitably cause a price war between peers. The end result is that the quality and service of the product are ignored, which ultimately leads to the loss of users and harms the development of the entire industry. How to solve the problem at hand, we will focus on it in the next chapter.

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