The quality of the ultrasonic cell crusher independently developed and produced by Shanghai Haozhuang is trustworthy

Shanghai Haozhuang seeks development with science and technology, benefits with management, and reputation with service. Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional laboratory instrument manufacturing and processing enterprise integrating R & D and sales. With its profound understanding and mastery of scientific instrument technology, On the basis of independent research and development of the core technology of scientific instruments, not only have we developed low-temperature and constant temperature instruments, ultrasonic instruments, cabinet instruments, microbiological instruments, ice-making refrigeration instruments, and laboratory supporting instruments, but also gradually formed a variety of scientific instrument technology reserves The product pattern of common development of similar products.

Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. Haozhuang (LNB) brand ultrasonic cell pulverizer is a multi-functional, multi-purpose instrument that uses strong ultrasound to produce cavitation effects in liquids and ultrasonically treat substances. It can be used in animal and plant tissues , The breaking of cells, bacteria, spores, can also be used for emulsification, separation, dispersion, homogenization, extraction, degassing, cleaning and accelerating chemical reactions, etc. This machine is widely used in teaching, scientific research and production in the fields of biochemistry, microbiology, medicinal chemistry, surface chemistry, physics, zoology, agronomy, medicine, pharmacy and Other fields.
Relative to the development of the biological industry, the experimental requirements of applying ultrasonic cell mills have also increased, such as the measurement and control of sample temperature, the low-temperature cooling of samples and the improvement of the degree of intelligence of the whole machine, etc., all of which have proposed new Requirements.
In order to further improve the performance of ultrasonic instruments, Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. absorbs the latest foreign technology on the basis of existing models of ultrasonic cell crushers, and combines software and hardware technologies such as microcomputer control, frequency selection, temperature measurement, and protection. The developed L series ultrasonic cell crusher, under the support of the attached software, presets the parameters and multi-machine group control of the ultrasonic cell crusher. It has the advantages of advanced technology, reliable performance, easy operation, beautiful appearance, clear and bright display, and accurate temperature measurement and control.
Features of Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. Ultrasonic Cell Crusher:
1. Large-screen LCD display.
2. Microcomputer control, can store 50 sets of working data.
3. Ultrasonic time and ultrasonic power can be set.
4. The ultrasonic power is automatically detected to prevent the ultrasonic power from changing with the temperature of the sample.
5. Integrated temperature control prevents the sample from overheating.
6. Automatic frequency tracking and automatic alarm for failure.
Shanghai Haozhuang makes every set of equipment, every project, every link, strictly abides by the credibility and commitment, welcome new and old customers!

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