Packaging requirements for printing inks

In general, substrates for different materials require different printing inks. The materials used in the packaging are ever-changing, and there are a variety of printing inks suitable for different packaging. However, some basic features are all that ink must have.
(1) The basic requirements for packaging printing ink 1 good fluidity. The ink with good fluidity is easy to transport when used, it is easy to transfer and does not block the print head.
2 The ink should be able to dry quickly after it is printed on the substrate. The adhesiveness is good and it is not easy to rub off. This ensures the print is clean and tidy.
3 The colors of the printed products must be correct, do not fade or change.
(2) Special requirements for packaging for printing inks 1 Colour diversification. The purpose of merchandise packaging and decorating is quite a part for promotion. Therefore, the diversification of printing colors and colorful colors are the basic requirements for packaging printing inks. Appropriate printing inks can be used to print beautifully decorated packaging in order to attract consumers to the commodity. Purchase interest.
The packaging and printing products are beautifully decorated, and most of the pigments used are organic compounds. Such pigments are bright, but the durability is generally not ideal. The printed products are left for a long time and often fade, making the packaged goods look a little bit Old sense, so in the choice of packaging for color inks, pay special attention to those who should not fade the pigment, in order to ensure the packaging and decoration of the lasting and bright.
2 special process requirements. Different processes have different requirements for printing inks. For Indian iron printing inks, if the printed packaging does not require high-temperature retort sterilization, then there is no need to consider the problem of high temperature resistance of the ink. General common inks can meet the process requirements, otherwise high temperature resistant cooking inks must be used to prevent In the process of food sterilization, the ink fades and some chemical reactions and physical changes occur, which affects the decorating effect of the commodity packaging.
3 special hygiene requirements. Hygienic requirements for printing inks are also an important aspect. For example, when printing plastic films for food packaging, the permeability of the printing ink should be taken into consideration so as not to cause food contamination.
4 special drying requirements. Different materials have different ink drying properties. Like ceramics, tinplates, plastic films and other materials, due to the smooth surface smooth, ordinary ink is not easy to stick, you need to use fast-drying inks, such as UV drying ink, pulsed radiation drying ink.
There are many factors that affect the use of ink. It is unrealistic to consider many factors. Therefore, only the major factors are taken into consideration. A reasonable selection of pigments, binders, and additives can be used to formulate a basically qualified printing ink.

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