Prospect of the ecological gate

Ecological door, simple and eco-friendly.

The ecological solid wood door can truly reflect the effect of ecological home. It is a revolutionary creation and subversive product in the interior door field, which will have certain significance across the age. Because it not only makes environmental protection, simplicity, fashion, and durability more perfect, but also gives more human factors, which is rare in other categories, and now compared with modern homes such as wardrobes and sliding doors. Good mix, the ecological solid wood door on the market has reached the consumers' love.

(1) Ecological solid wood door - both functional and beautiful; through the development of special styles, the product not only retains the aesthetic and use functions of traditional wooden doors, but also further expands and improves the sanitary and environmental protection of wooden doors (no mold, no paint) Hazard) and protection (sound, water, flame retardant).

(2) Ecological solid wood door - outstanding style; traditional technology and modern wood processing technology are combined and widely used in the production of ecological solid wood doors, so that diverse design concepts and high-quality inlays are fully integrated. The ecological solid wood door is the first to seize the new field of design concept of environmental protection door.

(3) Ecological solid wood door - environmental protection, suitable for home life; ecological solid wood door maintains the environmental performance of solid wood, and at the same time achieves high environmental protection in all production processes, without harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene. And no paint, no mildew and sound insulation, flame retardant function, to ensure the living space, office space, green, healthy and comfortable.

(4) Ecological solid wood door - outstanding function and wide application; ecological solid wood door has seven characteristics, such as "no deformation, no shrinkage, no fission, moisture, flame retardant, simple structure and convenient construction", which is favored by users and Become another highlight of the decoration industry. Widely used in real estate developers, shopping malls, hotels, hotels, office buildings and home decoration, has a broad market prospects.

(5) Ecological solid wood door - high-grade, affordable, luxurious style, clear style, environmentally friendly fashion, high cost performance, has become more and more the first choice for all decoration.

Due to the above characteristics, the ecological solid wood door can occupy a wide market space in the next few years. At present, the cementing process of ecological solid wood doors is widely used in environmental protection technology. It is still a start-up in China. Due to various reasons, the international similar products are currently lacking in the market. The large-scale production of ecological solid wood doors in Jiakai is improved. The competitive advantage between the industries and the promotion of the economy of the door industry in the region are undoubtedly far-reaching...

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