Classic mahogany furniture market is picking up

Classic mahogany furniture market is picking up

In 2012, China Jiade Qiu Pao launched a modern mahogany furniture special, its turnover rate is only 15.38%. At the special auction of the 2013 Guardian Four Seasons 2013, which was completed from March 23 to 25 this year, focusing on the value of collection, and taking into account the practicality, 70 The remaining works were welcomed by collectors, with a turnover ratio of nearly 87%. Among them, in the middle and late Qing Dynasty, Huanghuali Dafangjiao was the first with 828,000 yuan.

Compared with the current classical mahogany furniture market, the results of the auction of modern mahogany furniture are somewhat unexpected. A few days ago, the reporter interviewed Yan Rongchao, deputy secretary general of Shenzhen Collection Association and senior mahogany furniture collector. He told reporters that at present, real estate control policies have a certain inhibitory effect on the demand for ordinary mahogany furniture market. However, there are still plenty of room for growth in modern mahogany furniture with good materials, good handwork and good quality.

Scarce material mahogany furniture market price is high

Chinese mahogany furniture has been rising all the way in the collection market. According to the data, from 1978 to now, the price of rosewood furniture has increased by about 10,000 times, the price of rosewood furniture has increased by about 6,000 times, and the price of chicken wing wood and southern oak furniture has increased by about 1000 times. In recent years, the mahogany furniture that has been innovated on the basis of inheriting the tradition has been loved by young people. The market for contemporary new mahogany furniture has been rising. From 2005 to 2009, the price of mahogany has completed the ups and downs from the mountains to the bottom. . Since 2009, prices have begun to level off.

Yan Rongchao told reporters that the furniture collection is mainly divided into two pieces: one is the ancient furniture handed down. This kind of furniture is very rare and expensive. Collection of old furniture, the material is not required to be too high, the main pursuit of charm, only in the case of the same shape, the material requirements are different; the other is antique furniture, the new boutique is mainly the pursuit of materials.

“Unlike paintings and calligraphy, paper and ink can be produced. The scarcity of the materials of fine mahogany furniture determines its high price.” Yan Rongchao pointed out that at present, there is huge waste in furniture production, and many furniture factories consume a lot of precious mahogany. However, there are only a handful of manufacturers that can produce fine products.

"Furniture is a workable art, good furniture, beautiful lines, both use value, aesthetic value, and value of investment. Although the previous furniture has risen to a certain extent, as a collection, boutique, material scarce furniture There is still room for a big rise." Yan Rongchao said.

In the living room of Yan Rongchao, a set of huanghuali four-headed official hat chairs from the 1980s was placed. The shape of the chair is like the official cap of the Song Dynasty. The two corners are lifted from the back of the chair. "The price of this chair is more than 100,000 when it starts. In seven or eight years, it has already risen to about 800,000. There are more carp heads and chairs in the market. At the time, the flat-headed chair was relatively rare. I personally like this type." Yan Rongchao introduced, in recent years, huanghuali wood furniture rose faster, huanghuali wood is the Ming Dynasty court furniture materials, lobular rosewood is the Qing Dynasty court furniture materials, are stained with "royal temperament "With the addition of rare materials, after hundreds of years of experience, the material is stable and the lines are beautiful. It is recognized as the mahogany supreme." Yan Rongchao believes that as the economy recovers, the price of mahogany products with scarce materials will continue to pick up.

Redwood furniture is best used

Many people have bought furniture for huanghuali wood at a high price, but they have specifically sought a space to supply it instead of using it. In this regard, Yan Rongchao said that it is best to use furniture when it is bought. "Popularity will make furniture come alive."

How do the Ming and Qing style mahogany antique furniture meet modern space, how to resonate? Yan Rongchao said that nowadays, postmodernism is popular, and mashups will have good results as long as they are harmonious. The ancient furniture is decorated with modern life, and it is in harmony with the modern environment, in line with the mainstream needs of modern people.

In Yan Rongchao's home, the reporter saw that his home was decorated in a simple and modern style, with antique mahogany furniture, and there was no feeling of love.

Yan Rongchao said that Chinese furniture also has an advantage, that is, moderate comfort, people keep the body and waist relatively straight, unlike European furniture, indulgence and comfort, sedentary is not good for the lumbar spine.

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