3D printers disrupt the manufacturing industry? Too exaggerated

For the technology community, 3D printing technology is undoubtedly the hottest concept, and some even claim that it can completely subvert the traditional manufacturing industry. For this topic, Nikkei BP recently interviewed the president of the Japanese company K'S DESIGN LAB Haruo Yuji called "3D consultant". The latter believes that the power of 3D printing technology is actually not as great as the outside publicity.

Hara said in an interview that although 3D printing is gaining momentum, for Japanese manufacturing, the so-called subversion is impossible. 3D printing requires complex 3D data and available materials. Without manufacturing experience, it is likely that only semi-finished products will be made. In fact, 3D printers are more suitable as "communication tools" in product manufacturing. From this perspective, 3D printers have actually become popular among large manufacturing companies in Japan-in the past, manufacturers were always faced with 2D graph discussions when developing new products. With the advent of 3D-CAD and 3D printers, it is now possible to discuss the actual machine model, that is, "preview meeting".

However, Hara Yuji also emphasized that his theory stems from Japan's special national conditions. First of all, Japan is a large manufacturing country, and there are many professionals engaged in product manufacturing. As long as they have a real machine model and confirm that it is a product with potential, they can put forward many improvement plans very professionally. Secondly, Japan has a small territory and can discuss it in person as long as it wants. "Living in the city center, there are manufacturing experts in many fields within a distance of the tram."

Regarding the popularity of 3D printers, Hara Yuji believes that the most important thing is the improvement of 3D data, but many people do not yet understand this. Of course, 3D printers are still in the "dawn period". If the market can be nurtured from now on, there is the possibility of spawning various businesses, and this is also an opportunity for people who use 3D printers for a long time.

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