Traditional furniture enterprises "e-commerce" road is difficult to "three roads"

At the end of 2012, at the China Economic Year of the Year Awards, Wang Jianlin, Chairman of Wanda Group and Ma Yun, Chairman of Alibaba's Board of Directors, a hundred million “betting”, but many people did not know that Wang Jianlin’s high-profile “betting” On the one hand, secretly entering the e-commerce business, the e-commerce company under the Wanda Group will also be listed.

“If any traditional business neglects e-commerce, it will miss the resurgence of China’s economy in the next decade. From the current situation, 2013 will be another peak period for domestic traditional enterprises to enter e-commerce.” Domestic well-known e-commerce experts Yang Fan pointed out.

But the fact is that traditional companies have not been able to enter e-commerce. A group of data from Beijing shows that more than 80% of the traditional companies that entered the e-commerce industry in 2012 felt that the e-commerce road was "very difficult."

"It is not easy for traditional enterprises to enter e-commerce. The three-way 'can' is a roadblock, and the e-commerce 'trilogy' of Qumei Furniture is the best explanation." Yang Fan pointed out.

The first hurdle: how to deal with online and offline relationships?

In 2013, most of the traditional enterprises that dared to enter the e-commerce business with ambitiousness have accumulated considerable strength in the offline market, and the offline channel layout has basically been completed. However, compared with offline channels, there are fewer e-commerce links and low logistics costs. The price of products should naturally decrease simultaneously, and the impact on offline channels is obvious. Is the relationship between the two opposite or complementary?

"The pricing of e-commerce platform makes us very troublesome! The natural advantage of e-commerce has increased the space for us to feedback consumers, but if the price is lowered, offline dealers will definitely oppose it! Without price cuts, how does e-commerce advantage manifest itself?" The clothing company CEO is very upset about this.

In the early days of testing water and electricity companies, Qumei Furniture had faced similar problems, but it was quickly resolved. Wu Nani, vice president of Qumei Furniture Group, said that offline dealers will have a resistance to online low prices. In order to avoid such a situation, Qumei chose the so-called channel synergy method: to divide a series of products in traditional channels. Come out, fully promoted by e-commerce, pricing is nearly 20% lower than before, while using offline channels to create experience stores, and returning to dealers by means of logistics subsidies and compressed area to reduce costs.

“The concept of 'channel synergy' proposed by Qumei Furniture avoids the conflicts on the offline line and takes advantage of each to achieve a win-win situation. The facts also prove that this initiative has received strong support from distributors and has a strong reference. Yang Fan commented.

Today, Qumei furniture products have already achieved national price uniformity, online and offline “misplacement” combination, online ordering, offline traditional store display and experience, and built a comprehensive sales pattern, and the sales scale has steadily increased.

The second hurdle: How to meet the personalized needs of online shopping groups?

Different from offline sales, today's active online shopping group is basically a post-80s crowd. The personalized characteristics are very prominent in this group. It is difficult to get the favor of “one thousand side” and “one world” products. Traditional enterprises are involved in e-commerce. If they cannot solve the problem of individualization of products, it will be difficult to seize the online shopping group with the most potential consumption.

It is in this situation that many innovative companies are good at seizing the market demand point after entering the e-commerce business. The B8 home of Qumei Furniture Group is a wholly-owned sub-brand born in this context.

It is understood that B8 is a three-dimensional customized e-commerce platform of Qumei E-Commerce. Just like the experience of 3D games, customers can visually see the stereoscopic effect of furniture through software, and the color, material and hardware of each furniture can be changed at will. The size can also be 3CM as an engineering unit, and can be freely stretched and adjusted, so that the color and size of the furniture can be customized according to their own needs.

“B8 Home has made the ultimate in personalization, and it has provided the most exemplary model for how traditional enterprises have transformed into 'customized customization' e-commerce!” Yang Fan commented.

The third road: Where is the breakthrough in transformation?

Looking at the traditional merchants' e-commerce road in recent years, the start-up is still working hard, and most of the early start-ups have been "fixed". For these merchants, e-commerce is nothing more than a supplement to offline channels, just one can increase The online sales platform for sales volume, but is it true?

"After more than a decade of rapid development, e-commerce has long been a simple sales platform, but a new type of economic form. The development of e-commerce is not only the growth of sales, but the industry, Revolutionary changes in industry and enterprise development concepts and development models! E-commerce for traditional enterprises, as long as the use of good, development will be leap forward." Yang Fan is very optimistic about the future of e-commerce in traditional enterprises.

So, how do traditional companies use e-commerce to get a new life? Throughout the traditional enterprises that have entered the e-commerce industry in recent years, Qumei Furniture is undoubtedly the leader of "new thinking."

"The network must be fast fashion!" said Zhao Ruihai, chairman of Qumei Furniture Group. He hopes to establish a new lifestyle in the furniture industry by challenging the innovation and research and development of the entire furniture industry.

Based on this idea, Qumei Furniture has established a “light mode” positioning for the future furniture: fast fashion, small fresh, design young, easy to create and interactive, low price and easy to replace. And put this judgment at a strategic level to understand, planning to complete with a pure e-commerce light model, that is, only online sales of products, back-end services can be handed over to dealers, it is expected that this new model will be in 2013 Going online in the middle of the year.

"Where traditional enterprises enter the e-commerce or transform e-commerce, the road will not be smooth sailing. Only those enterprises that dare to innovate and be good at innovation can seize the opportunities in the competition. They can laugh at the earliest and laugh at the end!" Yang Fan concluded. Qumei e-commerce channel coordination, three-dimensional customization, light mode "trilogy" undoubtedly made the best footnote for this summary.

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