Tensile testing machine--Commonly several important factors that determine the performance and accuracy of tensile testing machine

1. The first is the force value sensor of the tensile machine, because the quality of the sensor determines the accuracy and stability of the testing machine. The sensors of the current tensile force machine on the market generally use S-type sensors for small force values ​​and wheels for vigorous values. For a radial sensor, the resistance strain gauge is generally used inside the sensor. If the precision of the strain gauge is not high or the glue used to fix the strain gauge is not good for aging or the sensor material is not good, it will affect the accuracy and service life of the sensor. The imported sensor used is the U.S. Quantum Force Sensor, a world-renowned sensor manufacturer. The sensor has high accuracy, good linearity, and very stable performance. It will not change for decades.

2. The second is the ball screw that drives the movement of the sensor, because if the screw has a gap, the future test data will directly respond to the maximum deformation and elongation after break of the test. At present, some of the screw rods on the market are T-shaped ordinary screw rods. In this case, the gap is relatively large, and the friction force is relatively large. The service life is short, and the screw rods used are high-precision, gapless balls from Germany. The screw rod has a surface hardening hardness of HRC58-62 and a service life of up to several decades. And to ensure that the accuracy remains unchanged.

3. Once again, it is the transmission system of the rally machine. At present, some of the rally machine transmission systems on the market use reducers and some use ordinary belts. The main drawbacks of these two transmission methods: the former requires regular lubrication, and the latter It cannot be guaranteed that the synchronization of the transmission will affect the test results. The company's tensioning machine transmission system adopts full arc synchronous belt to reduce speed, which ensures the synchronization accuracy of the transmission, high transmission accuracy, high efficiency, smooth transmission, low noise, and long service life without maintenance.

4. Once again, the power source (motor) of the rally machine is also called a motor. At present, some rally machines on the market use ordinary three-phase motors or variable frequency motors. Such motors are controlled by analog signals. The control response is slow, the positioning is not accurate, and the general adjustment The speed range is narrow and the high speed will eliminate the low speed or the low speed will eliminate the high speed, and the speed control is inaccurate. The motor used by the company's tension machine is a Japanese Panasonic full digital AC servo motor. The control method uses full digital pulse control and the speed range is wide , Up to 0.001-1000MM / MIN, accurate control positioning, fast response, can be added to full speed in 0.01 seconds, the motor can ensure accurate full-scale speed control, and long service life, up to several decades, without maintenance.

5. Finally, the measurement and control system (that is, software and hardware) of the rally machine. Most of the measurement and control systems of the rally machine on the market are controlled by 8-bit microcontrollers. The sampling rate is low and the anti-interference ability is poor. The other is AD conversion. If the number of digits of the AD converter is low resolution. Then the measurement will not be accurate. The company's measurement and control system uses the world's most advanced 32-bit ARM technology developed controller Hytest V6.0. This controller is based on the 32-bit ARM platform, and runs the company's time-multitasking operating system, the program runs more smoothly, The system is more stable. The sampling rate can be up to 200 times per second. With the addition of 24-bit high-precision, low-noise and high-speed AD converter, the entire measurement and control system is more precise and highly stable to control the entire test process. The software of the host computer lasts for 5 There are two kinds of control methods for the all-digital three-bicycle control software developed in the year 1. PID control adjustment method 2. Mohu control adjustment method (the first in the industry). The whole test process can achieve constant force value control, constant displacement control, constant deformation control, low frequency fatigue control, and program arbitrary control.

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