Second-hand furniture quality problems frequently out of the market disorderly

"800 yuan, bought a bunch of waste products, put no place to put." When mentioning second-hand furniture, Mr. Li of Zhengzhou City was full of bitterness, "the bed could not be used at all, lying on it did not dare to move, turned over Wow, oh, Mr. Li told reporters that the boss told him that the bed was sent by a closed furniture store. At that time, it looked quite new. It was not like second-hand goods, he bought it. Who knows it is a defective product!

It is understood that the overall situation of the current leasing industry is very good, many homeowners add value to their homes by buying second-hand furniture. Ms. Xu, who lives in the city, said: “Before renting a house was a vacant house without furniture. Now many tenants are asking for equipment in the house. I bought some second-hand furniture, which is cheap and affordable. Of course, if I need these rents. The price is going to rise."

On October 21, the reporter visited a number of junk markets in Zhengzhou. In the junk market of Sanxu Chenxu Road, the reporter saw that the old furniture and parts were incomplete and one side was intact. "The 180 yuan for this two doors, this set of cabinets is 400 yuan, all good wood." A boss enthusiastically introduced the texture of the wardrobe. The reporter then visited several stores. The price of the wardrobe given by the boss was more than 150 yuan. The price of the table and chair was not low, and it was around 100 yuan. The price of beds and sofas is generally low. A bed of 1.5 meters wide costs only 100 yuan, and a set of used sofas costs only 450 yuan.

The reporter learned in the interview that the poor quality furniture was coated with a layer of inferior paint, and the smell emitted by the body also had certain damage to the human body. In this regard, Hu Shuzhen, executive vice president of Henan Furniture Association, said: "Current second-hand furniture has been in a blank state in terms of market supervision. Many traders have re-corrected or refurbished old furniture at ultra-low prices. Considering Most of the cost of repairing renovations will be simple and will not be completely refurbished. Even if it is refurbished, most of the paints used in the paint are inferior paint, which is harmful to human health. Therefore, consumers are advised to purchase furniture. Choose those that are of good quality and clean, and choose furniture that is safe and strong, especially those with children.

It is reported that an important aspect of the current second-hand furniture market in disorder is the imperfect recycling channels. The reporter learned in the interview that the current furniture recycling mainly depends on mobile hawkers, and there is no subsidy and special processing mechanism like home appliance recycling.

To this end, Hu Shuzhen said: "The recycling of furniture is not the same as the recycling of household appliances. On the one hand, the recycling of household appliances is because the used household appliances are polluted by the environment, and on the other hand, some parts of the old household appliances can be recycled and reused. If the furniture is too old, there is no use value, either re-refurbished into the second-hand market, or treated as waste. Even so, some furniture is polluted to the environment, such as the kind of sheet furniture, can not be used as a The fuel burns out and is very polluting to the environment."

It is understood that Beijing has already begun to test the policy of replacing the furniture with the old ones. As for whether or not a national trade-in policy will be introduced, Hu Shuzhen said: "National trade-in is more difficult to implement, and furniture recycling requires not only material and financial resources, but also labor costs. In the face of such a situation, we can only appeal to the state to formulate relevant policies as soon as possible, on the other hand, we need to speed up the improvement of the second-hand furniture market and make second-hand furniture. The market is moving in a healthy and orderly manner."

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