The new sparks in the furniture industry collided with pain, such as terminal e-commerce, etc.

In the past two years, the Chinese furniture industry, which has suffered from double internal and external problems, has been in the most unrest and most turbulent stage. The dual impact of real estate regulation and the rapid expansion of the store has led to a drop in terminal unit output of up to 60%. This year, more than 80% of dealers are at a loss. In sharp contrast, store rents rose and employee wages rose. A large number of dealers went from “distribution wounds” to “distribution shackles” and became the biggest victims of the pain.

The furniture circulation industry should move toward “pan-terminal”. This voice was particularly strong in last year’s “China Furniture Industry Development Summit Forum”. “Getting rid of the hypermarket's own channels” was recognized by many participating furniture companies and distributors. The construction of independent stores, community stores, the development of online channels, direct sales and real estate sales, and other methods have become successful examples of exchanges.

Zeng Zhenyu, the rotating chairman of the China Furniture Sellers Association, has also publicly bombarded the expansion of the store, which is the main driver of the imbalance in the furniture circulation industry. He pointed out that due to high rents, the expansion of the store is too fast, the sales per unit area has dropped sharply, and the consumer market has been sluggish. Many stores have entered a general loss and unsustainable dilemma. He also believes that from the perspective of the development of the same industry in Europe and the United States, hypermarkets are not a long-term solution. Chinese furniture has entered the brand era. The autonomy of management and the pricing power of products are becoming increasingly important, and this is something that hypermarkets cannot provide.

Entering e-commerce is also becoming a new choice for furniture circulation. A domestic e-commerce website staff talked about "the opportunities and challenges of the furniture industry under the Internet environment". He used informative data to point out that e-commerce, as an emerging marketing channel, plays a "new" role when traditional distribution channels encounter bottlenecks in development. The role of growth point. The data shows that the website's growth rate was as high as 468% in the first half of this year compared with the same period last year. Well-known brands such as Qumei Furniture and Gujia Craft also began to carry out online shopping marketing on the website.

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