Top 100 furniture: ready to reshuffle the industry

In the early two years, people began to say that the reshuffle of the home industry is about to come. It lasted for two years. The home industry is like the "besieged city" written by Qian Zhongshu. The people outside want to go in, but the people inside think about it, but when is it really? The arrival of it?

As Chen Xiaotai said, in the face of this "shuffle storm" in the industry, the top 100 furniture was fully prepared. Chen Xiaotai told reporters that in the market baptism of more than ten years, the top 100 furniture has always pursued original design, and hired the famous designer Mr. Hillbach in Germany as the chief designer of the top 100 furniture. Dedicated to creating a German-style original style, through the introduction-imitation-digestion-innovation, every piece of furniture produced by the top 100 can be as rigorous and meticulous as any product produced in Germany, and the quality is almost impeccable.

In terms of channels, Top 100 Furniture opened its first store in 2011, independent of the home store, the Top 100 International Furniture Mall, and built a new channel for display and sales. The top 100 furniture is also actively entering the field of e-commerce. "E-commerce is a new model for sales in the future. Its share in the enterprise will increase and become more and more over time. My initial The feeling is that if e-commerce does, it may account for one-third of the turnover, and then become 50% in a few years, and may be even higher in a few years." Chen Xiaotai explained.

The current furniture industry test is whether the major brands have the courage to go against the trend and overtake the corner. Adversity does not advance and then retreat, this is the survival and development of all things, from the ancient times in the chaos of the generals, against the trend of heroes. If each furniture brand has the power to go against the trend and overtake the car, then the so-called industry shuffling is no longer a nightmare, but a rare opportunity.

Many industry insiders said that the wrestling of market stakeholders will become more complicated and deeper this year. The shuffling and innovation of the industry will also enter the fast lane under the impetus of complex market “power”. The branding development of the furniture industry has already begun. It is now a clue. The brand has undoubtedly increased the shuffling chips of the company. Chen Xiaotai, chairman of Baiqiang Furniture, told reporters that the number of people buying brand furniture is increasing, and the market share of brand furniture is also increasing. This year, the market will follow the natural law of survival of the fittest, and those without brand, integrity, and quality will be eliminated.

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