Makeup artist teaches you how to maintain a makeup brush

1. When cleaning the makeup brush, be sure to use a special brush cleaner, or choose some mild detergents, such as baby shampoo and neutral shampoo. When using a brush cleaner, apply a 5 minute coin-sized cleaning paste to the damp makeup brush. Gently rub it, never wash it against the hair, then rinse it off with cold water.

Makeup artist teaches you how to maintain a makeup brush

2. After the makeup brush is cleaned, it is best to use a facial tissue or a cotton pad to gently press the finger to let the water drain, but remember not to twist the bristles, otherwise the bristles will be destroyed, and the structure of the bristles will be loose, resulting in hair loss. , affecting the life of the makeup brush.

3, if there are conditions, it is best to hang up the makeup brush after washing, let the hair dry down. To be naturally dry, do not blow dry with a hair dryer or put it in the sun to dry, which may damage the material.

4, usually can put the commonly used makeup brush into a professional cosmetic bag. For the infrequent use of the brush, it is best to insert the head up in the cosmetic tube. If you go out often, you may choose to design a special mini makeup brush, which can be put away so that the bristles are not in contact with the outside world, and the small one is very convenient to carry, and it does not take up space in the cosmetic bag.

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