Cultural paper callback wrapping paper prices are flat

In addition to papermaking, all sub-sections of light industry have run out of large-scale, papermaking, packaging and printing, and furniture are 0.31%, -1.17%, -3.10% and -1.72% respectively. In terms of individual stocks, hot stocks Yongan Forestry continued to run in the forefront of the industry this week, with an increase of 8.31%. Although Guanfu's households were frustrated by the restructuring, they were affected by the announcement of the increase plan. This week ranked second in the industry, with an increase of 4.93%. Weihua's previous gold reform concept rose significantly. This week, investors profited and fell 8.84%; Meike shares suffered a double pressure from the previous profit-taking, down 7.60%.

Industry view: The company's oversold gradually shows investment opportunities. At present, light industrial enterprises are facing rising labor and raw material prices, which poses no small pressure on the company's competitive strength. It is recommended to pay attention to the three types of companies: 1. Companies that focus on the development of domestic sales and attractive valuations in the callback: Tongxing Lixing, Shanghai Green New; 2. The growth of countercyclical light industry companies: Yao Ji Poker, Zhong Shunjie Soft; 3, growth white horse stocks: Yongxin shares, Xinghui car model, Meike shares.

Finished paper market tracking: This week, cultural paper continued to pull back, and the price of packaging paper was flat.

Copper paper: Aegis down 100 yuan / ton to 5100-5100 yuan / ton. Double-adhesive paper: Some brands have dropped their prices this week. UPM lowered 100 yuan/ton to 6400-6500 yuan/ton, and silver pigeons lowered 200 yuan/ton to 5200-5400 yuan/ton.

Newsprint: In the North American market, the news paper (30lb) price index was 619.73, and the newsprint (27lb) price index was 658.87, which was basically stable. The European newsprint price index was 499.32, a fine of -0.6% from last week.

Whiteboard paper: This week's price is flat white cardboard: this week's price is flat FOEX packaging paper: International FOEX packaging paper has been lowered this week.

Wood pulp and waste paper market: wood pulp is stable, waste paper is falling back

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