Drink bottle bottle shape design needs to consider the consumer

At present, new products in the domestic beverage market are emerging in an endless variety and are a good thing for consumers. This gives us enough room for choice. For packaging manufacturers, as the types of beverages continue to increase, the style of beverage bottles has also undergone many changes.

Beverage bottles are widely used in the packaging market, from round to square to irregular shapes. However, what we have to say is that manufacturers are trying to catch the eye on the beverage bottle. The shape design of the beverage bottle is as unique as possible. Many beverage manufacturers, especially new manufacturers entering the field, have neglected a very important thing. It is the consumer's experience. Coca-Cola has always maintained an arcade drink bottle. It is precisely this type of bottle that is very comfortable for consumers to hold and carry, so that consumers have a very good experience. Such a beverage bottle will have lasting vitality. And these unique beverage bottles, although the first drink bottles may attract consumers, but if you do not use good feelings, it is difficult to obtain consumer acceptance later.

For beverage bottles, it is very important that the design of the beverage bottle mouth. Now that the beverage bottle has a variety of different calibers, it is very worthwhile to study how large the caliber is for consumers to drink. In addition, beverage bottles have different consumption targets. There are different design requirements for children, young people and the elderly.

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