Three different personality styles

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] In the home decoration, you can decide what style your home is decorated according to your own hobbies. Today, Xiaobian brings everyone to enjoy the three home styles that are very personal.

One of the styles: personality style

Home style

Personality style. The "post-80s" is a generation that grew up in the great historical period of reform and opening up, at least conservative thinking, and accepted the most competitive pressures and challenges. They have a broad vision, open-mindedness, knowledge, wisdom, vision, ability, and do not like to be bound by the traditional over-smooth and rigid old-fashioned decoration. Pursuing freedom and individuality release, the space design is fashionable and colorful, breaking the traditional color and space placement, giving a perfect visual sensory impact.

Style 2: Romantic style

Home culture

Romantic European style. If you like romanticism and are interested in the classicism culture of the European mid-world, the European style with a strong romantic atmosphere will be your favorite home style. Luxurious atmosphere, coziness and romance, light and slender curve decoration, elegant and intimate decorative effect, luxurious atmosphere of aristocratic temperament, passionate and flamboyant and euphemistic art style features, full of romantic and cozy home feeling.

Style three: refined style

Home style

Elegant Chinese style. For those who love Chinese traditional culture, the new Chinese classical home style with retro charm will be your best choice. The dignified temperament and Fenghua's literary talents and rich connotations perfectly portray Chinese culture. Modern elements and traditional elements are combined to create a traditional charm with the aesthetic needs of modern people, so that traditional art can be properly reflected in today's society.

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