Autumn beauty skin care tips to raise a good color

Autumn beauty skin care tips to raise a good color

Autumn beauty skin care tips to raise a good color

Autumn beauty skin care to develop a good color coup

1, get up early, get up early, get good health

Although this sentence is much more heard, it is true that the best time for damaged skin repair is from 10 o'clock in the morning to 2 o'clock in the morning. Although it has been talked about thousands of times, it is still very difficult to do. Please take a break as soon as possible for your good skin.

2, the edge is ignored

The elbows, knees, and nail edges are all parts of the body that are extremely dry. And a bottle of skin care products will make you fit. Apply before going to sleep, you can see the moisturizing effect the next morning.

3, massage helps

Massage along the neck, ears, and shoulders. Soothing massage will greatly improve your sleep quality.

Autumn beauty skin care tips to raise a good color

Autumn beauty skin care tips to raise a good color

4, promote blood circulation

38 degrees water temperature, soak for ten to fifteen minutes, the water can not pass the navel. It can make the blood flow smoothly and is beneficial to the metabolism of the skin.

5, try to take a nap at noon

Every lunch break, many OLs will be sent on Kaixin and MSN. Unexpectedly used up, lunch break can make your body adjust in a day of intense work, making the afternoon mental state better, work more efficiently, even if you lie on the table to close your eyes, it is also beneficial to the body. Recovery. Prepare a soft mat, usually as a cushion, and put it on the table at noon for a while, even if you close your eyes, it will have some effect. Remember to turn off the monitor when you are kneeling.

6, exercise promotes sleep

You can rely on some soothing exercise to let your body go to sleep in a relaxed state.

7, boiled water

“Drinking 8 glasses of water a day” is a very vague concept. The so-called 8 cups of water refers to the amount of water that people consume every day through eating and drinking. If you drink a large pot of soup, drink 8 glasses of water, sure. It is a kind of devastating. Of course, if you only drink caffeine-containing drinks such as coffee and drinks every day, it will naturally affect the intake of normal white water. The healthiest is boiled water. It is recommended to replenish water every day by drinking boiled water, eating fruits, drinking porridge, etc.

Autumn beauty skin care tips to raise a good color

Autumn beauty skin care tips to raise a good color

8, the most effective beauty

Cherries are rich in iron, iron can make girls ruddy; pomegranate contains vitamin C content 1 to 2 times higher than apples, eat more can help the body and skin anti-oxidation. The latest research has found that vitamin C can expand blood vessels in the skin, promote blood circulation , and enable the body's heat to be emitted as quickly as possible, thus achieving the goal of “protecting the cold”. Vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage are not only good sources of crude fiber, but also remove excess water from the body during digestion to prevent edema. There are different high-efficiency nutritious fruits in different seasons, and WH recommends that you eat more fruits and vegetables in season. Some of the anti-seasonal fruits are artificial ingredients, and natural nutrition will be reduced, or it is better to conform to the laws of nature. >>>How to use the best effect of toner

9, SPA nursed a good color

The pale skin and cold hands and feet are hard to avoid in every woman's winter. In addition to rest, sleep, and exercise, the most effective relief of fatigue and comfort is to be a SPA. The environment of the SPA center is how we can't build it at home. If there is no place in the house to have a bathtub or a wooden barrel, find a beauty salon that is closest to home and give yourself a SPA card. In fact, it is a few times. Eat money, go massage your neck or bath for a week, make a spa, lie on the aroma bed, and relax. In particular, the SPA massage on the face directly stimulates the facial skin, blood and lymph circulation, and has a very good effect on directly improving the color.

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