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Salomon, a globally renowned European outdoor brand from France, has always been at the forefront of outdoor fashion, providing outdoor enthusiasts with a wide range of high-quality outdoor equipment. Here, the outdoor editor of Greenfield here will introduce to you a donkey woman breathable fleece from Salomon. The 498-dollar women's breathable catching fleece is divided into two colors, black and green, with the main functions of windproof, breathable, warm, and quick-drying, and is suitable for wearing during outdoor sports in autumn. The Salomon Women's Breathable Sweatprawch with a weight of 350g uses an all-weather Softshell jacket and high-quality, high-tech fabrics. Breathability is not to be underestimated, so this fleece is definitely worth the experience.

Salomon Women Breathable Sweatshirt Display

Salomon Women Breathable Fleece Fabric Selection

Salomon attaches great importance to the comfort of wearing on this lady's fleece, so the material chosen is also extremely soft, but at the same time it guarantees its good breathability. The ACTILITE STRETCH TACTEL MESH fabric was the main choice for fabrics for fleece garments. The fabrics have good thermal properties and are lightweight and wearable, which can increase the drying speed and good insulation properties of the garment itself. Comfortable wool weights are just right for use, keeping you long-lasting and comfortable in your clothing. Each step in the fabric fully demonstrates Salomon's people-oriented design philosophy.

Salomon Women's Breathable Fleece Back Display

The SMART SKIN smart skin used on the body fabric, the use of this material can meet the body's three major needs, including physical fitness, comfort, and its sporty applicability. This material not only provides you with the comfort you need on the outdoors, but it also guarantees the high quality of your fleece.

Salomon Women's Breathable Sweatshirt Features Design

Throughout the Salomon women's breathable grab fleece overall, showing a simple and generous appearance, and even some outdoor donkeys can not see what the characteristics of the end. Here, the Greenfield editors briefly introduce you. Salomon's breathable fleece design features a neckline design. The soft material used on the neckline of the fleece collar provides a comfortable and warm environment for your neck for a long period of time. It reduces the strain on the neck due to prolonged exercise and is comfortable. The collar design more effectively increases the safety of field survival, and thus makes you comfortable to enjoy outdoor sports. The collar uses a high-necked design that maximizes the ability to resist wind and rain, and prevents the chill that comes from getting the wind from the neckline into the interior of the clothing, providing you with complete care. And protection.

Salomon grabs fleece zipper and collar

Salomon Women Breathable Fleece Tag Display

This breathable fleece designed specifically for outdoor American donkeys not only has a practical design, but also provides a comfortable experience for outdoor sports. If you want to take comfort and enjoy the beautiful donkeys on foot, you can easily try only 498 yuan. I believe that the Salomon brand will give you a different kind of comfort, and Salomon women's breathable fleece will surely Is your good choice.

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