New anti-corrosion packaging technology: vapor phase rust-proof plastic film

All metal products are faced with corrosion problems. People have been fighting for corrosion protection and have also found a variety of anti-corrosion methods, such as electroplating, dipping, vacuum packaging, painting, and oil coating. However, some metal products are not suitable for the above methods. Therefore, people study the use of vapor phase rust prevention methods. In this regard, the United States, Japan, and the former Soviet Union have studied for more than 20 years. Vapour-phase rust-proof plastic packaging has been in business for nearly five years. However, domestic research has been successful and there has been very little commercial production. Vapour-phase rust-proof plastic packaging is an emerging technology that will replace rust-proof greases and rust-proof papers and has a wide range of uses. Such as weapons, storage, precision instruments, electronic instruments, electronic devices, automotive parts, hardware tools, bearings, lamps and lanterns, may bid farewell to the era of oil. Its principle is that the vapor phase rust inhibitor can vaporize (sublimate) directly under normal temperature and pressure, reach saturated vapor state in a closed crucible environment, and its molecules adsorb to the metal surface to form a dense and transparent protective film to prevent the metal from being corroded. In addition, the preservative molecule, helium gas, does not penetrate into the pores. No matter how complex the appearance of the metal products, rust prevention effects can be obtained everywhere. Vapor-phase rust-proof plastic film, gas phase rust inhibitor and plastic combined yttrium product. In the process of description, it was found that there are many types of vapour-phase rust inhibitors and there are targeted defects in different lanthanum metals. During the screening process, toxic species and nitrite medicines were evaded, which were both efficient and non-toxic. Because the metal products on the market are mostly metal components, it is essential to effectively prevent rust on a variety of metals, compound the key components of the drug, and allow it to bond well with the plastic, so that the vapor phase rust inhibitor can be slowly released and prolonged. Rust period. The compound method is used to make plastic bags, and the outer layer of high-barrier nylon material allows the vapor phase rust inhibitor to release into the bag and spread out of the bag to a small extent, preventing loss.

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