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Fire-maple Fire Maple, which has always been unique on outdoor accessory tools, always provides everyone with affordable, functional and relatively complete outdoor preparations. The Fire-maple design features are always available to most outdoor enthusiasts. We are satisfied with the demand. Previously, we introduced to the donkeys at Green Field Outdoors that most of them came from Fire-Maple. It was an outdoor headlight from Fire-maple that was introduced to you today. Fire-maple outdoor headlights weigh in at an overall weight of 97g. Headlights in blue, orange, and gray colors allow ALICEs to choose colors. The market price of Fire-maple headlights suitable for outdoor camping is only 79 yuan. The price is close to the people, and it makes it attractive to many people.

Fire-maple outdoor headlight display

Three colors of Fire-maple outdoor headlights

Fire-maple outdoor headlights use 5 super bright, white LED light bulbs, the light from the light bulb has a good brightness, but the beam is soft, not dazzling, thus avoiding any damage to the eyes. At the same time, this kind of LED light bulb has good practicality, its service life can be guaranteed for more than 100,000 hours, and the high quality of the headlight can't help but manifest itself.

This outdoor headlight incorporates a four-position controllable adjustment mode, which is divided into low light (1 LED is bright), medium light (3 LED is bright) and high light (5 LED is bright) and SOS flash mode, these four lighting modes guarantee No matter what the lighting conditions, the normal use of the headlights adapts to the needs of different occasions. Even in the event of any threat to outdoor safety, you can use the SOS flash mode of the Fire-maple headlight to make your distress signal more distant and get you out of danger as quickly as possible. The touch-type adjustment button switch makes the light mode conversion simpler and more convenient. It does not require any complicated operation and can be easily converted with one touch.

Fire-maple outdoor headlight display

The lamp head angle and headband use an adjustable design. This adjustable type is more convenient to adjust the headlight's light irradiation angle at any time. Compared with other non-adjustable headlamps, it is more flexible and can be used to avoid The occurrence of a blind spot phenomenon on any irradiation at the time of irradiation. At the same time, the comfortable headband design can be easily adjusted according to various head shapes, so that the tightness conforms to the size of the head, which increases the wearing comfort and is suitable for wearing for a long time.

Fire-maple outdoor headlights also have a super high water resistance and excellent low temperature resistance. The headlight's IPX waterproof rating reaches level 6, and its excellent low temperature resistance also enables it to endure a low temperature of minus 30 degrees Celsius. Excellent performance enables it to work normally in heavy rain or low temperature environments. The changeable outdoor environment can cope with ease, thus providing a strong guarantee for the personal safety of outdoor sports.

Fire-maple is also very strict in the selection of materials in order to ensure the high quality and high quality of headlamps. The selection of high-strength, impact-resistant engineering plastics enhances the toughness of the headlights, enhances their durability, and is worn in a variety of field sports without fear of any threat to its quality. It is more suitable for use in outdoor sports. The battery used in this headlight is an integrated 3-cell AAA (battery 7) battery box design, which reduces the overall weight, truly achieves the ideal of outdoor light, and meets the needs of most outdoor ALICEs.

Fire-maple outdoor headlight display

Buying Fire-maple outdoor headlamps now comes with 3 AAA batteries, which are more affordable for you to enjoy. Lightweight headlights, affordable prices, and more complete features, although not the best in headlight equipment, but its functional characteristics really meet the basic needs of outdoor, but also the value of 79 yuan. All donkeys, come and experience it, and come up with your own true feelings.

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