Evaluation: pearl-like luster L&D opal jade tile

The total glaze is a technological innovation. Because of its environmental protection and energy saving, and the lower barriers to entry, the antique brick enterprises are facing the bottleneck and difficulty of innovation. Various factors make the full glaze popular in this year's market. To a certain extent, all-glazed glaze is actually an upgraded version of the crystal brick that was once very popular in the past. Today, Xiaobian introduces you to a full-ceramic full-glazed glaze: L&D Opal jade, which is known as the gem queen.

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The L&D Opal Jade series is derived from Australia, which is rich in high-grade stone. The texture is translucent and irregular veins and flakes. It produces pearl-like luster, fine texture, crystal clear and smooth, and radiant. In order to overcome the hard surface characteristics of the stone, the innovative addition of soft jade constant mineral glaze composition, restore the pure original color of jade, is an ideal choice for high-end families and high-end villas.

The brick surface is bright and beautiful, the stereoscopic texture is crystal clear, and the light is moist. The designer introduces that this is a cross-stone product produced by all-ceramic full-glaze process, which integrates the characteristics of low-absorption, rich texture, wear-resisting and fine-tightness of porcelain glazed tiles, while taking into account the polishing of the tiles. The characteristics of high degree, lightness and transparency are the masterpieces of Dacheng.


L&D Opal Jade perfectly displays the clear natural color and texture of jade, which almost reaches the mirror refractive index. It is like a brick mirror containing a jade world, which is carefully carved under the brick surface, full and delicate, full of gorgeous The atmosphere is full of art.


L&D Opal jade tiles are only 1cm thick and thinner than other tiles, but the materials, density and craftsmanship of the tiles are first class. “Thinning the tile” will not only affect the quality of the tile, but also be low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

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