2012 10th Harbin International Building Ceramics and Kitchen and Bathroom Facilities Exhibition

Date: 2012/04/24 to 2012/04/26

Exhibition Hall: Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Center

Organizer: Harbin Municipal People's Government

The annual " Harbin International Building Ceramics and Kitchen and Bathroom Facilities Exhibition " has been successfully held for 9 consecutive years, and was held concurrently with the "China Harbin International Eco-city Construction Expo (referred to as CHECE Harbin Construction Expo)", which is "CHECE Harbin Construction" An important part of the Expo, the overall exhibition area is over 22,000 square meters. It is currently the largest exhibition of architectural ceramics and kitchen and sanitary ware in Heilongjiang, and it is known as the “ First Exhibition of Longjiang Kitchen and Bathroom ”.

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The exhibition is based on the municipal government of Heilongjiang Province. With the slogan of “Building an ecological and civilized city and decorating a green and healthy home”, the exhibition aims to display and promote low-carbon, environmentally-friendly architectural ceramics and kitchen and bathroom products, and strive to build an industry for exhibitors. An ideal platform for communication and trade negotiations. Invite friends from all walks of life at home and abroad to participate in the conference.

Highlights of the exhibition:

1. The government sponsors and establishes the brand image: “The 10th China Harbin International Ceramics and Kitchen and Bath Exhibition 2012” is the only one in the province that is sponsored and supported by the municipal government and supported by the state and Heilongjiang provincial and municipal government departments. The most high-end industry event!

2, superior geographical location, huge building materials foreign trade window: located in the center of Northeast Asia, is the first important hub of the Eurasian Continental Bridge and the air corridor, as the Northeast Asia Economic and Trade Center, the export value of construction and decoration materials is significant.

3. The theme is clear and leads the development of the industry: The theme of this exhibition: “Promoting the construction of eco-city, creating a green and healthy home”, and building “green, low-carbon, ecological waterfront famous city” is the outline of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” of Harbin Municipal Government. Important tasks and strategic goals.

4. Refining the exhibition area and realizing the sharing of audience resources: The “Harbin International Kitchen and Bath Exhibition” is in line with the international exhibition, and adheres to the development road of combining specialization and integration, and the “Harbin International Building Decoration Materials Expo” held concurrently with the same period. "Complement each other and cooperate closely to make the visitors independent and shareable, and achieve scale effect."

5, a large audience database, all-dimensional three-dimensional advertising: Harbin Jianbo has accumulated many years, has a professional database of buyers, and with a full range of multi-channel publicity and promotion to ensure the vested interests of exhibitors.

Range of exhibition:

a/Sanitary ware, bathroom accessories exhibition area: sanitary ware, faucet shower, leisure health equipment, computer steam bath room, whole bathroom, bathtub, jacuzzi, sauna, shower room, massage room bathroom bathroom facilities, sauna pool equipment, washing Slot washer, body cleaner, sensor, hand dryer, bathroom mirror, bathroom cabinet, bathroom accessories, plumbing hardware; all kinds of faucets, all kinds, valves, fastener faucets, water pipes, drain pipes, clean water Equipment, garbage disposal equipment; dressing table Yuba, exhaust fan, hair dryer, bathroom mirror hooks and related equipment

b/Boutique ceramic exhibition area: all kinds of ceramic wall and floor tiles, fancy waist bricks, exterior wall tiles, square tiles, mosaics, glass, metal and composite materials; all kinds of ceramic production raw materials, color glaze, chemical raw materials, mold materials, ceramics Production equipment and laying tools, etc.

c/Overall kitchen, facilities and accessories exhibition area: whole kitchen, whole kitchen cabinet, kitchen cabinet door and plate for various materials, artificial stone countertop, microcrystalline stone, fire board, kitchen furniture, kitchen sink, kitchen cabinet rail , closet doors, partitions, hanging cabinet hinges, handles, various gas stoves, water heaters, range hoods, closets and household water purification equipment, kitchen and bathroom appliances, kitchen facilities, stove series, console series products, washing equipment , ventilation fan water treatment products, disinfection cabinets and kitchen appliances, etc.

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