Solid wood flooring consumption is mainly based on environmental protection

In the next few years, with the further development and maturity of flooring manufacturing technology , consumers can boldly choose solid wood flooring according to their own personality and preferences, instead of the current common phenomenon of solid wood flooring consumption, and accurately grasp the solid wood flooring. Consumption in the future trends and trends has become a good publicity for every floor manufacturer, then, what consumption trends will solid wood flooring form in the next few years?

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First, environmental protection is never ending fashion

Due to the natural characteristics of the wood itself, the solid wood floor can be said to be “substantially” free of harmful substances. The only problem is the surface paint problem. In the future, the surface finish of the solid wood floor will be developed from the paint to the oiling direction. At present, most solid wood flooring uses PU and UV paints, both of which are chemically synthesized with a small amount of harmful substances.

In the future, as a substitute for traditional paint, pure natural wood wax oil extracted from plants will be widely applied to solid wood flooring. On the other hand, due to the scarcity of wood raw materials and the admiration of nature, consumers will gradually relax the flooring of some natural defects such as scars, double-color materials, and insect eyes. Some solid wood flooring with natural defects will be due to these natural attributes. And it is favored.

Second, light-colored solid wood flooring surpasses dark solid wood flooring to become mainstream

Whether it is modern simplicity or rural nature, in today's home decoration, the possibility of matching light-colored solid wood flooring has become more abundant and casual. Light color gives people a bright, warm and peaceful feeling. It represents a kind of open-mindedness without distance. It is easy to break the dull atmosphere of the home and give people a harmonious beauty. Light-colored solid wood flooring is considered to be a healthier color, and the wood texture of light-colored solid wood flooring is clearly visible, so the quality of light-colored solid wood flooring is difficult to adulterate.

With the public's deeper understanding of the living culture, the light color will more reflect the original ideal of urban people's pursuit of quality of life and return to nature. In Europe, light-colored solid wood flooring, represented by oak, is always closely related to fashion.

Third, personalized solid wood flooring is popular

"Style" has become the deciding factor in the consumption of solid wood flooring. With the further development and maturity of the floor manufacturing technology, the quality of the solid wood flooring will no longer be problematic. In this way, people can boldly choose the solid wood flooring according to their own personality and preferences, instead of comparing the current consumption phenomenon of solid wood flooring. universal. Therefore, on the basis of ensuring the stability of solid wood flooring, the visual experience of the floor will be more and more valued, and the style and decorative effect will become the key considerations for consumers. Younger generations who have grown up in the new generation obviously do not like the same choice of consumption. They emphasize the choice and value of the difference. At that time, the personalized solid wood flooring represented by antique solid wood flooring, embossed solid wood flooring and handmade solid wood flooring will be more favored, and some of the assembled, parquet, and squared solid wood flooring will truly recover.

Fourth, pay more attention to the brand impression of solid wood flooring

In the next few years, solid wood flooring that will do a lot of work on branding will be very popular. In the period of serious homogenization of the solid wood flooring industry, consumers will pay more attention to the inner feelings brought by the brand. This kind of feeling is not a company's super-large scale, nor is it a brand's super-high-profile, but a rich, truly culturally-intensive brand and product, a more inspiring psychological experience.

Therefore, a good brand must contain a lot of complex and excellent elements, but it must be very simple and pure when it touches people's hearts. This kind of synergistic and more humanized brand impression born from marketing propaganda and word-of-mouth effect will undoubtedly create the next round. The popular culture of solid wood flooring.

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