Baina poetry Rao Zheng: The characteristics are tailored

Rao Zheng, Executive Director of Bainao Northern Region

[Reporter]: Rao total year 51 one hundred Nalu poetry which launched promotional activities? What is special about it compared to last year?

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[Bai Nai poetry Rao Zheng]: This year's five hundred poems are more focused on promoting our brand. As a world-renowned mattress brand, Baina poetry has not entered Beijing for a long time, so we pay great attention to the Beijing market. Brand expansion. During this period of May Day, I hope to gather popularity and strive for a greater degree of brand exposure. The most practical way is to sell through 51 stores, and to communicate face-to-face with consumers. The brand concept is reflected.

[Reporter]: I want to know what you are busy with recently? Because we had a busy survey of home people before, many people are based on five stars, they are all beyond five stars, mainly focused on product innovation, service upgrades, management practices and brand promotion, you just Mentioned brand promotion. If you use five stars to express your busyness, how many stars do you give yourself?

[Bai Nai poetry Rao Zheng]: I believe that time is squeezed out, so if the busy amount is five points, I will give myself four stars. During this time, we actually adjust the brand more. The current market for emerging brands can be seen as an opportunity and a challenge. Then I hope that when the whole market is slightly depressed and warms up, Baina poetry can bring our brand faster. Adjusting to a suitable position, and then better showing the charm of the brand to the customer, so we will basically put some of the brand's platform-like things, such as products, such as some of our brand features, such as some of us Promotional promotion methods... then these things are equivalent to an upgrade process of the brand. On the other hand, we are our outlets, because we are a new brand, so we will apply more different channels, outlets, and sales methods to spread the entire market in a wide range of penetration.

[Reporter]: What scale has the channel layout of Baina poetry reached?

[Bai Nai Shi Raozheng]: In Beijing, we have successfully entered the five stores of Red Star Macalline and Real Home. At the same time, we have already entered the four stores of Red Star Macalline and Real Home in Tianjin, so Beijing There are nine outlets in the Baina poems in the two places. Combined with this year's market development trend, it is a great business opportunity for Baina poetry. We will base on the advantages of science and technology and design brand as the brand concept to challenge new markets and situations.

[Reporter]: What kind of sales situation do you think there will be in the second quarter of Baina poetry?

[Bai Nai poetry Rao Zheng]: Baina poetry has always had its own professional team to carry out research in this area, including market research and analysis, including brand promotion, post-service, etc., so the understanding of the market is inseparable. Everyone knows that furniture or our (software area) belongs to the downstream industry of real estate. The flow of people entering Red Star Macalline or high-end stores will directly affect our sales. In response to this piece, I feel that we can look at the first quarter's reaction at the same time, knowing some of the shadows in the second quarter. We also observed that the entire market now, the transaction volume of real estate is also like a downturn last year. Back to this year, there has also been a rise in space, so we hope to grasp this rising space while better improving our own sales.

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