9 faded dark circles small remedies

MM staying up late is very distressed, because there is no fainting of dark circles, every morning, two panda eyes, can not see people at all. Don't worry, today's makeup Xiaobian recommended 9 faded dark circles remedies, absolutely super effective, let You quickly eliminate the panda eye and go to work with a charming electric eye!

Glamour electric eye

method one:

Preparation materials: cotton balls, ice water, cold whole milk

Production method: 1. Mix ice water and cold whole milk in a ratio of 1:1

2. Dip the cotton ball in the mixture

3. Then apply the dipped cotton ball to your eyes for about 15 minutes.

Tip: Cotton balls can be replaced with cotton pads.

Method Two:

Material: red sugar, handkerchief or gauze

Steps: (1) Put the right amount of red sugar into the pot and heat it with a small fire.

(2) When smoking, red sugar is wrapped in a handkerchief or yarn.

(3) Wait until the eyelids can adapt, in a clockwise direction, slowly apply heat around the eyes.


Method three:

Put the used tea bag directly around your eyes for a while, and the dark circles will slowly disappear the next day!

Method four:

Prepare two apples with a lot of juice on your closed eyes, lie down and rest for fifteen minutes, do a few more times, and dark circles will say goodbye to you.

Dark circles

Method five:

Hot compress: Most of the causes of dark circles are not enough rest, so the blood circulation is insufficient, so it is best to wake up immediately, apply the warm towel with body temperature (37 °C-38 °C), cool and replace, apply for about 10 minutes. , dark circles can be reduced by half!

Method six:

Massage: get up and wash your face, use your hands to help your eyes make a circular massage in a clockwise direction, about 5 minutes, can promote the blood circulation under the eyes, dark circles can instantly turn red eye circles.

Method seven:

Potato trapping method: fresh potato peeled slices for about 10 minutes.

Cotton pad

Method eight:

Fill the cotton pad with ice water and apply it to the eye for 15 minutes until the cotton pad warms up and you can put on a new pair.

Method nine:

Covering the eye area with a concealer that is one degree lighter than the liquid foundation can temporarily "mask the eyes and ears", but remember to coordinate with the skin color

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