Experts teach you to buy flooring: the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood composite flooring

At present, the solid wood composite flooring sold on the market can be divided into three types: solid wood composite flooring and multi-layer solid wood composite flooring. The advantages and disadvantages can be divided into the following aspects:

(1) Specification thickness: The thickness of the surface layer of the solid wood composite floor determines its service life. The thicker the surface layer is, the longer the wear resistance is. The surface thickness of the European solid wood composite floor is generally required to be more than 4 mm.

(2) Material: The solid wood composite floor is divided into three layers: table, core and bottom. The surface layer is a wear-resistant layer, and a variety of hard texture and beautiful texture should be selected. The core layer and the bottom layer are balanced buffer layers, and the varieties with soft texture and good elasticity should be selected, but the most important point is that the varieties of the bottom layer of the core layer should be consistent, otherwise it is difficult to ensure the structural stability of the floor.

(3) Machining accuracy: The biggest advantage of solid wood composite flooring is the high processing precision. Therefore, when selecting solid wood composite flooring, it is necessary to carefully observe whether the splicing of the floor is tight, and there should be no obvious difference between the two adjacent panels.

(4) Surface paint film: high-grade solid wood composite floor should be made of high-grade UV matt paint. This paint is UV-cured and its wear resistance is very good. It is not necessary to wax and maintain it for general household use. No need to paint in the year. Another key indicator is mattness. The brightness of the floor should first be considered soft and elegant, and it is not irritating to the vision.

(5) Rubber compound: As we all know, solid wood composite floor is three-layer or multi-layer wood, which is made by hot pressing of rubber. The adhesive is generally urea-formaldehyde resin, so there must be a certain amount of formaldehyde. In the production process, high-grade environmental protection Solid wood composite flooring, must use low formaldehyde content of rubber to ensure the environmental indicators of the product.

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