Talking about the Maintenance Points of Paper Cutter

In order to ensure the cutting quality of paper and printed products, it is usually necessary to maintain the paper cutting machine on time. Take the hydraulic paper cutter as an example, the maintenance points are as follows:

1 It is necessary to add lubricants (including mechanical lubricants, butter, and turbine oil on schedule) at the relevant times as required, to keep the machine lubricated and clean, and make the cutters in good working condition.

2 Apply talcum powder or paraffin to the surface of the table.

3 Maintain proper hydraulic pressure.

4 According to the seasonal changes, select the appropriate hydraulic oil. 20# oil is used in winter to maintain its fluidity; 30# oil is used in summer to maintain the oil viscosity.

5 Periodically check if the knife bed tie bar lock nut, safety screw lock nut, and bumper set screw (or cone) are loose.

As the saying goes, “The sharp knife does not miscut the firewood,” and “Bao Jianfeng grinds it out.” The above maintenance work is done conscientiously. Your paper cutter will use 100% of the spirit to create wealth for you.

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