Create 5 sexy makeup in 5 minutes

After work, I am rushing to various party gatherings. I want to make myself look gorgeous and gorgeous, but time is too late. What should I do? 5 minutes to quickly create 5 sexy makeup, let you become the charm queen of HOLD live. If you happen to have a party after work today, you may want to give yourself a sexy makeup before you leave work.


Sexy Makeup Cheats: Slightly smudge the eyeliner When you draw the eyeliner, create a slightly smudge effect. Use a short brush to create a matte black shadow on the eyeliner, and the deep, sacred eyes immediately make you glamorous! Don't worry if it gets a bit messy. You can make a simple correction with a cotton swab stick and it's OK!
Sexy Makeup Cheats: Pearl Light Eyeshadow Choose Pearl Brightening Eye Shadow, swipe and eye area to create a subtle glow effect. This is a more classic makeup on the spring chanel show, you can learn from it. Beige eyeliner, black long eyelashes, white and silver eye shadow. A gorgeous eye makeup was born!
Sexy Makeup Cheats: Flame Red Lips + Blush Eyeshadow A makeup from Anna Sui makeup artist Pat McGrath, with a bright red lip makeup and blush blush to create a flushed makeup. She used orange-red blush to sweep the cheekbones and even the eye area, replacing the eyeshadow.
Sexy makeup cheats: purple eyeliner purple is a small favorite color, here uses a small trick to easily create a sexy and noble feeling, the upper eyelids use the common black, the lower eyelids replaced with purple, mysterious and noble The temptation, who can resist?
Sexy makeup cheats: pink cheeks and lips Rachel McAdams's Barbie makeup is also very eye-catching. The dome-shaped blush brush, pink blush, blushing in the way of swirling the apple muscles, of course, want to be pink, the lip color must not be too eye-catching, with the matching color of the rose powder.

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