How to deal with ink filling failure?

Before discussing the failures after ink filling, it is necessary for us to understand the compatibility of brand printers for ink filling. Epson original ink cartridges adopt special structure design and install unique ink cartridge chips, so it is more troublesome to fill inks. On the contrary, HP and Canon low-end inkjet printers are more easily filled with ink, but Canon has an advantage over Hewlett-Packard in that it has a larger cartridge, which can not only hold more ink, but also reduce the difficulty of ink filling, especially to reduce ink seepage. Leakage phenomenon. In effect, Hewlett-Packard and Canon fill ink blacks better than color.

1, nozzle blocked, the most convenient solution to save money

Since the ink is not filled with the purity of the original ink and there are many impurities, the clogging of the nozzle is the most common condition after ink filling. At present, there are mainly two methods for most printers to solve the problem of printer nozzle clogging:

One is to use the “cleaning” function in the driver to flush the nozzle with ink. Although this method is convenient and quick, it will cause a lot of ink waste.

The second is to remove the ink cartridge, use the cleaner to clean it or wash it by yourself. Although this method does not waste ink, it is more cumbersome to use. If the technology is not mature, it will be easy to wet the circuit board and an additional washer will be purchased. The easiest way to save money is to make a self-cleaning ink cartridge: First, find a few ink cartridges that have run out of ink, pry it open, take out the sponge inside, and find a sponge of similar size (use the original one, but clean it) , put it in clean water together with the empty cartridge. After the sponge is cleaned, let it suck in pure water and replace the empty cartridge. Then, remove the existing ink cartridges from the printer, install the cleaned ink cartridges, and use the printer's cleaning nozzle function to clean the print head several times. It is also possible to print a picture with a variety of colors. When no color is visible, the nozzle is cleaned.

2, nozzle intake, easily lead to text breaks

In addition to the nozzle blocking the cold, another common fault is ink filling, but whenever the ink cartridge is removed after the removal of the nozzle is easy, or the ink is too urgent to cause the air in the ink cartridge outlet can not be ruled out, resulting in print may appear Broken line. Different types of printers have different solutions for this kind of nozzle intake processing. The first is Epson's inkjet printer. You can remove the ink cartridge, use your finger to beat or beat it, then put the ink outlet down for a few minutes and then put it back in the printer to clean the nozzle. The time interval is longer, let the ink have a Natural settlement process.

Unlike Epson's "headwater separation" design, HP and Canon printers have cartridges with nozzles, so when dealing with "break" is also different, then find a clean glass, drop a little water on it, soak the cartridge head Several hours of water in the glass, and then gently wipe the nozzle with a tissue, can smooth out the ink. If only a small amount of ink seeps out, you can inflate the cartridge from the vent hole to allow the ink to flow smoothly from the nozzle.

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