The secret of toner and aftershave

Perhaps many people have heard of the terms toner and aftershave, but there are actually not many people. Said these two things can keep the skin clean, you will feel that the face is clean enough; say that they can moisturize the skin, you will feel that the moisturizer will come more practical, why bother to add this in the middle of washing and moisturizing What are the necessary procedures? "Presence is reasonable"! Let me uncover the secrets of toner and aftershave for everyone.

It is not difficult to see that toner and aftershave contain mild alcohol and shrink pores. The difference between aftershave and toner is:

1. There is more mild alcohol in the aftershave, in addition to shrinking pores and bactericidal effect. Toner's alcohol content is weak, which is used to shrink pores and dissolve fat solids.

2, aftershave has bactericidal and repair ingredients, and most toners do not have these ingredients.

3. The toner is cleaned again and helps to absorb the moisturizing ingredients, while the aftershave does not contain these ingredients.


Aftershave, as the name suggests, is used after shaving. The main function is to shrink pores, anti-inflammatory and repair wounds.

After shaving, the skin will be scratched or pulled by the blade more or less, causing many small wounds that are invisible to the naked eye. Small wounds will cause large wounds if not treated for a long time. The wound will make the bacteria susceptible to infection and chin. relaxation. Therefore, men with more beards are advised to use aftershave.


Toner, usually used after washing your face, to help the pores shrink, once again deep cleansing the skin, while allowing the skin to quickly hydrate and promote the skin to absorb various essences and moisturizers.

Many men think that their skin is thick and dirty. In fact, as long as the skin microcirculation is good, thick skin can also absorb nutrients. Toner can make the epidermis in an effective liquid environment, and the cells can work effectively in this environment, which is the first level to open the nutrition transportation.

YOU recommends:

1. For men with thick beards and fast growth, aftershave and toner should be used separately. Dosage and toner should not be replaced.

2, men with less beard and slow growth, you can use toner to replace aftershave, but do not replace the toner after use.

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