Summer jelly feels refreshing and thorough

Summer is coming, everyone has to be overturned by the sultry weather. No matter what kind of bad situation you have encountered, just use the fresh makeup of jelly to make you feel like you are in the cold world of summer. Give everyone a refreshing feeling in the summer? Try the jelly makeup !

Next, we will introduce TIPS to complete the jelly makeup from four aspects: eye makeup, blush, lip gloss and nail color. Are you even worse? Immediately enter the analysis of the popular elements of jelly makeup.

STEP1. Jelly eye makeup

Regarding the popular elements of summer makeup, the brand always proposes a variety of beautiful proposals. After the first wave of blue-green makeup, the second wave of fashionable elements is published: that is, Jelly is full of cuteness, dreaminess and coolness. Fruity."

POINT 1: "ã„‘" brushed silver eyeshadow on the eyes, bringing out the lightness of the eyes

In the past, the eye of the last step of the eye makeup was always brightened. This time, I have to move it to be the first step! Because I can start from the eye, I can use the brightness of the eye as the standard to avoid the subsequent eye shadow. , to maintain a smooth and smooth.

POINT 2: From the end of the eye, check out the sexy eyes with silver back, and gently draw the eyeliner under the crystal, and draw the silver limit on the eye pleats to get rid of the gorgeous, keep the pure feeling like the elf makeup, the lower eye shadow Also draw from the end of the eye to the eye, the overall eye makeup enhances the sense of cold.

POINT 3: The eye sockets are painted with cool, matte eyeshadows such as gray and earthy colors to create a perfect depth of the eye socket.

The middle eye socket of the silver eye and the end of the eye is brushed with a cool, matte eye shadow such as gray and earth color, and is brushed on the eye fold line, so that the eye socket is still under the shining silver light.

STEP2. Jelly blush

In the hot summer days, the natural blush can add more points for you! The use of dynamic blush not only allows you to enjoy the childlike painting when you smear, but also make your makeup more lively and lovely. With blush, you can make the men around you crazy for you.

Blush makeup TIPS: blush classification painting, the effect is very different!

Round blush

This is the most common and simple blush method. Just smile at the mirror and brush the blush on the cheeks. However, this blush makeup is sweet and lovely, and ladies are not suitable for this.

Fan blush

This blush has a large area, which not only can modify the face shape, but also can make a good look. The position of the blush is the fan shape consisting of the temple, the laughing muscles and the lower part of the ear. Pay attention to the direction of the blush when painting the blush to the center of the cheeks to make the deepest blush color fall on the buccal side. Position, to achieve the purpose of modifying the face.

Two-tone blush

A combination of fan-shaped blush and oblique long blush. First, the dark fan-shaped blush is brushed on the cheeks, and the light-colored oblique blush is superimposed on the top of the fan shape to achieve the effect of modifying the large round face.

Buccal blush

If you feel that your face is too round, try buccal blushing to make your face look slimmer. The trick of buccal blushing is to choose a darker blush such as brick red, dark brown, brushed on the periphery of the cheek, that is, the position from the ear to the cheekbones, the range may extend slightly inward to below the tibia, Will make the face look more solid.

Sunburn blush

If you want to catch up with the holiday, try these two sunny blush paintings. Choose a gold-brown blush with a lustrous feel, and faintly hit the sides of the nose. You can also paint from the nose to the cheeks to create a vacation makeup that has just been baptized by the sun.

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