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The future of screen printing is bright from any perspective. Its combination with other printing technologies not only inspired people's new inspiration, but also made the screen printing market more diversified. Beijing printing factory specializes in providing Beijing packaging and printing services, welcome customers to negotiate cooperation!

The market opportunities faced by screen printing companies are various and they can produce industrial products as well as individual products. Of course, customers can also provide post-press processing or special effects services, or use different screen printing opportunities to consolidate their position in the market. Every company must accurately position itself and make decisions that others cannot and will not replace.

Today's modern screen printing plants must have the most advanced printing equipment and technologies to meet their customers' ever-changing production needs. And there must be enough cultural heritage to be able to use these new technologies freely. At the same time, employees must be trained and motivated to complete production tasks within the time specified by the customer. In addition, the company’s self-promotion and the establishment of a good relationship with customers for a successful business are equally important.

Special effects printing can increase the value of prints. Special inks or coatings help reflect the texture and characteristics of prints. This print can attract more people's attention. This trend is becoming more and more obvious. Many post-press processing methods are used in many packaging products, high-level business reports and company manuals. Beijing printing factory specializes in providing Beijing packaging and printing services, welcome customers to negotiate cooperation!

Postpress and special effects inks are also a compelling market. Screen printing has the possibility of using larger particles of pigment and having a thicker layer of ink, which will be better utilized in the future. In addition, the application of aromatic ink in the field of security printing is an eye-catching market, and this technology has also been continuously developed in industrial printing. The surface effect on the matching box can be achieved by screen printing on offset printing pages.

The German Screen Printing Association collected a number of interesting screen printing samples for special effects into a book. In this book, you can see mixed printing effects of UV matte or glossy oil and offset printing, scratch-resistant varnish, scratch-resistant ink, textured paint, daylight and fluorescent ink, metal and pearlescent ink, and flash ink printing. Effects and tilt printing effects commonly found in cars - inks printed in this way can present different colors depending on the angle you are viewing. This book also introduces braille printing, printing on dark paper, scented color printing, waterborne adhesives, and general adhesives. Beijing printing factory specializes in providing Beijing packaging and printing services, welcome customers to negotiate cooperation!

The technology of direct exposure of emulsifiers with lasers is now also used in the field of CD printing. At the upcoming FESPA2007 exhibition, we will find many new systems. I hope that this technology will make greater progress in the future, even if it is not as fast as computer-to-plate technology has developed in the field of offset printing.

Today, Germany has become a leading manufacturer of screen printing equipment. Many manufacturers of production platform, drum, container printers and specialty printers have begun to develop various format printers for the monochrome and color printing markets. In addition, they have also developed customizable printers specifically designed for use in the industrial sector (for example, printing on glass) and standardized presses for the field of image printing. Beijing printing factory specializes in providing Beijing packaging and printing services, welcome customers to negotiate cooperation!

A suitable dot-expanding curve can improve the pre-press standardization level, but it is a waste of time and money to describe the characteristic curves of different substrates and inks in screen printing. Many printers cannot afford such a burden. The mode of production of the stencils has also been positively influenced by the continuous development of new screen printing fabrics.

The emergence of high-mesh fabrics has set uniform standards for the production of screen-printing stencils. It will not be long before the diaphragm will be used in the production of the regular version. As far as the ordinary exposure, thermal exposure, or digital printing of the diaphragm is concerned, it depends mainly on the specific problems and production capabilities of different printing plants. The computer-to-plate technology has been commonly used in large-format printing processes. The width of some products even exceeds 1×2m. Using computer stencil technology is the printing plate produced by spraying emulsifiers on positive pictures, which is more accurate than printing plates produced with small negative pictures.

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