Makeup counter: men are also paying attention

At the make-up counter , men have always been discouraged. Unless it is a professional need, few men will stop at the makeup counter. Even if they want to buy it, they will look at the look of the makeup counter first, and then quickly approach the nearest male makeup artist. Single, leave. Nowadays, this situation is slowly changing, and men are beginning to pay attention to the makeup counter.

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Makeup counter: men are also paying attention

Not to mention the counter-purchase eye poison, as long as you stand over the counter for a period of time, watching all kinds of faces flood like water, and retreating in a tidal wave, let the shopping guide open a simple, and quickly flee away People will understand that they have experienced a shopping guide that has been playing games with customers for a long time. As long as they see who they are, will they have a harvest, and they will basically look at each other. Counting the deal is very cool, but a few men mixed with dozens of women.

According to my N years of painstaking observation, the man who can come to the makeup counter, 1/3 with the task entrusted by the woman, 1/3 in order to give gifts to women like, and one third, buy it for yourself. When I came across the first one, it was very cool, invoicing the cashier, and hitting the second and third, which was occasionally quite a "washing". "What do you need?" "I want to buy some cosmetics for my girlfriend. What do you want to buy?" "What is the condition of your skin and skin color?" "..." "Then she probably likes painting on weekdays." What color eye shadow?" "..." "..." "The most insurance is still pale lipstick, and the earth color eye shadow", listen to this statement, the average man will be relieved, but that is also in my take out 2 Before or after 3 eyeshadows, I saw that I had to choose, basically direct fainting. But the funny thing is that there are also men who don’t understand, but when I follow the temptation, answering the question is a calm decision, and I must keep my face first.

MAC's Sunshine Powder, as well as MAKE UP's clear, flawless repair serum, can be a good choice for men.

I love the big collection of makeup, I will always say that LUANSOL is eye shadow queen!

Interestingly, the small make-up counters are rarely able to snare to men, and there are only one in the basic 50; there are many big counters like BOBBI, Shu Uemura, MAC, etc., and there are many people with large traffic and more men’s makeup artists. The ratio of male to female can be raised to 15:1 or even 10:1, especially for men who buy makeup for themselves. According to my boring observation, men still have a little psychological burden to buy cosmetics for themselves. If you look at the crowds, you will not be noticed. Then you will quickly move to a male BA nearest to you. The attention must be male. And the goal is clear, basically it is powder noodles, color milk and the like, and a few round-trips are opened. They are basically dressed up and refreshed, purely to want a face that looks more elite and more promising. I made makeup for myself very early in order to go to the interview, but also because I love blush too much, people feel that they are not confident and more terrible? I took some foundations to cover them. Fortunately, I used some makeup brands before, but I spent the morning. My subversive finding is that things that I used to think are very tasteless, really want to be combined with make-up, will burst out of powerful charm.

To say that the high-ranking fox man, the Japanese rivers and lakes must be in the circle. Ten to twenty to forty-five, all have bottoming people, and the eyebrows are quite punctuated, to be fine, to be short and to pick.

Having said that, there are also some men who also want to shop around. They will also discuss the skills with the makeup artist, but they will not sit down and try their makeup. That is the urban fox man who is gradually huge in size and loves to care for and love the opposite sex. The few in the American drama "Purple Rescue", Wu Yanzu, Chao Weige, and the supreme reunion of Mango Taiwan are representative. Make a base, modify the skin tone, fix an eyebrow or use a little honey powder. I think boys use a little bit of honey, especially when it comes to the point of madness, it is especially possible to restore the face with a little bit of honey. There are also professional makeup line skin care products, generally will be very refreshing, single use or with powder noodles, powder and other suitable for use, absolutely successful people.

He is paying attention to:

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I personally heated the Yahya massage cream, it melted quickly and there was no black smoke and other changes, you can try it, see it is true, haha!

I have recently particularly liked products with medically proven and clinical trials that are safe and, more importantly, reasonably priced. These three are big love.

Anti-aging must have fun! I am very interested in the design of this essence of Givenchy. The upper and lower hemispheres are mixed with each other. After the extrusion, they are not wasted. All of them flow into the palm of your hand and can be applied to the face and neck, including the lips.

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