Careful face-lifting needle problem requires correct skills

The reporter noticed that most of the online shop selling "skinny face" started to operate around August 2010. Many online stores have good sales. One of them is priced at 200 yuan each. ", a month shows that sold nearly 100. And some online buyers commented that there are praises and bad reviews.

Expert reminder: thin face needle is not suitable for everyone, improper injection may lead to 瘫痪

Experts said that thin- faced needles are commonly called botulinum toxin injections. The botulinum toxin is injected on the human face masseter muscles, making the masseter muscles smaller and atrophy, and the face will appear thin and thin, and the efficacy can be maintained for about half a year. Botulinum toxin is a very toxic substance, but the dose for face-lifting and wrinkle-removing is only 1% to 2% of the lethal dose. If during the injection of botulinum toxin, the beauty seeker is taking other drugs, such as gentamicin, penicillin, etc., can enhance the toxicity of the drug, resulting in injection poisoning.

The price of an imported face-lift needle is about 2,000 yuan, and the face-lifting agent of two or three hundred yuan on the Internet cannot be a regular product. In addition, the "skinny face" on the Internet is not good, and some netizens are asking friends to inject each other after buying a thin face. This practice is very dangerous. Ordinary consumers are often unfamiliar with anatomy, the injection site is not accurate, or the concentration and dosage are too large, which may cause eye drops, eyebrows, local swelling, difficulty in swallowing, and facial paralysis.

In addition, the thin-faced needle is only suitable for acting on muscle tissue, solving the problem of masseter muscle hypertrophy, and has little effect on the facial shape caused by fat or bone.

So, what should I do if the injected face-lift needle is hurt? Consumers of the Consumers Association explained that if the product is caused by online shopping, consumers can negotiate with the seller. In the event of a failure to negotiate, the seller may be sued in court for damages. If it is a physical store, consumers can directly negotiate with the merchant or complain to the industry and commerce department.


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